One Last 'Edge of Tomorrow' Trailer Pulls Out All the Stops

Friday, 30 May 2014 09:08 Written by  Jordan DeSaulnier
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One Last 'Edge of Tomorrow' Trailer Pulls Out All the Stops

With one week until Edge of Tomorrow opens nationwide, Warner Bros. has unveiled a trailer that clarifies the Groundhog Day-style premise and underlines that critical love that Tom Cruise's latest is getting.

Okay, this isn't actually a trailer.  It's an extended TV spot, but since it clocks in at two minutes long, it's more like a trailer than a TV spot, so we're just calling it a trailer.

Whatever you call it, this Edge of Tomorrow promotion is doing a lot of heavy lifting.  Not only does it set up the idea and throw out some critical quotations, but it also samples the film's big action and gives a sense of the unique relationship that anchors this scifi war story.

That relationship is between Cruise's Lt. Col. Bill Cage and Rita Vranski aka "Full Metal Bitch," a legendary special forces soldier played by Emily Blunt.

Cage is a desk-jockey public relations officer in a futuristic war against alien invaders.  When he's slapped into a Heinlein-y exoskeleton battlesuit for a major engagement, the inexperienced soldier promptly dies, only to wake up all over again the day before battle.  Trapped in a loop where he respawns every time he dies, Cage seeks out Vranski, who experienced the same phenomenon herself in the past.  With her help, Cage trains over each cycle, gradually turning himself into a soldier and advancing further in the war each time.

It's a tough concept to establish and sell alongside the requisite summer spectacle, but this TV spot/trailer does an admirable job of it

This video debuted at Fandango.

A four-minute mega-trailer from earlier this month is by far the best showcase for Edge of Tomorrow, and it was accompanied by seven – seven! – behind the scenes featurettes chronicling, among other things, how those war suits were created practically rather than via CGI.

This week also saw the release of four illuminating clips from the movie, which also stars Bill Paxton and Brendan Gleeson.

Edge of Tomorrow is the biggest film yet directed by Doug Liman, whose summer movie bona fides include The Bourne Identity and Mr. and Mrs. Smith.  In a similar category, he also directed Jumper, but Liman has kept grown-up recently with the Valerie Plame true story Fair Game.  He cut his teeth in independent film, having helmed Swingers and Go.

He's set to follow Edge of Tomorrow with Splinter Cell, an adaptation of the Ubisoft video game franchise that will star Tom Hardy as Sam Fisher.

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