Krysten Ritter to Star as 'Jessica Jones' on the Marvel Netflix Series

Thursday, 04 December 2014 14:48 Written by  iamrogue
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Krysten Ritter to Star as 'Jessica Jones' on the Marvel Netflix Series

Marvel has found the actress to lead its second Netflix streaming series, casting Krysten Ritter to star as Jessica Jones.

Mike Colter, meanwhile, is looking like a shoe-in to star as Jessica's love interest and fellow hero Luke Cage, who will get his own Netflix series.

These shows are part of the four "street-level" superhero series being cooked up by Marvel TV and streaming titan Netflix.  The first, Daredevil, stars Charlie Cox.  The Man Without Fear's thirteen-episode first season is due next year, followed by Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist down the line.

Then they'll all team up for an Avengers-style miniseries, The Defenders.  And since they're all part of the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe, all of these characters could appear in future Marvel movies.

Krysten Ritter is pretty great.  She's probably best known as the titular B on the ABC series Don't Trust the B**** in Apartment 23.  Or maybe for her outstanding work as Jane on AMC's Breaking Bad.  She also appeared in What Happens in Vegas and 27 Dresses, as well as on Veronica Mars and in the recent sleuthing movie.  Next up, she plays a supporting role in the Tim Burton drama Big Eyes.

She's signing up to star as the and only Jones for Marvel.  It came down to her and Teresa Palmer, according to Deadline, though the actresses testing for the role also included Alexandra Daddario and Jessica De Gouw.

Both Ritter and Palmer tested against Colter as Cage, signifying that he's likely the frontrunner to play Cage, who will show up in six to episodes of Jessica Jones before leading his own series.  Lance Gross of Crisis is still in contention for the role, as well as other actors we may not even know about.

Melissa Rosenberg, who wrote all four Twilight movies, is overseeing Jessica Jones as writer and executive producer.

She's been developing the show since long before it found a home at Netflix.  She joined up when it was a potential ABC series more than four years ago.  Back then, she told IAR in an exclusive interview that Jessica Jones would take its cues from Alias, the comic series in which Jones was introduced.

Brian Michael Bendis is such an amazing storyteller,” she told Jami Philbrick. “I read that comic book and I completely saw it on screen. There are things I took directly from the comic book and just put in the script. That was so much fun to do.”

With the powers including flight and superstrength, Jones avenged under the superhero monikers of Jewel, Power Woman, and Knightress.  Disillusioned and suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of her heroics, Jones puts away her costume to start her own private investigation firm in Hell's Kitchen, which is also home to the three other Defenders.

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