First Look: Jonah Hill & James Franco are Dead Serious in 'True Story'

Tuesday, 16 December 2014 10:32 Written by  iamrogue
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First Look: Jonah Hill & James Franco are Dead Serious in 'True Story'

The title isn't lying: True Story is, in fact, based on a true story.  But it's a true story all about lies.

The first official True Story images are deadly serious despite the comedic pedigree of its lead actors, showing off Jonah Hill and James Franco having prison conversations.

Hill and Franco last shared the screen in This Is the End and both are known for foul-mouth, funny shenanigans, but both are also Oscar-nominated actors, and this movie sounds like it gives both thespians plenty to chew on.

Hill stars as Michael Finkel, whose book True Story: Murder, Memoir, and Mea Culpa is the basis of the movie.  Finkel, a New York Times reporter, discovered in 2002 that Christian Longo, a murderer on the FBI's Most Wanted list, was using Finkel's identity right up until he was captured in Mexico.  At almost exacly the same time, Finkel was fired from the Times for falsifying swaths of an article.

Here's where it got really nuts: newly-arrested Longo would only talk to one reporter, the real Finkel.  As the two begin a months-long dialogue leading up to Longo's trial, the man accused of murdering his entire family tells the disgraced journalist that he can prove his innocence, leading to a strange investigation and a one-of-a-kind cat and mouse game between the two.

True Story marks the feature directorial debut of Rupert Goold, who co-wrote the screenplay with David Kajganich, who contributed to the adaptation of Stephen King's It.

That's Goold right there in the last picture.

His first movie is set to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival next month.  As such, a trailer will arrive shortly and you can marks your calendars for April 10, 2015 when the movie actually opens.

True Story is largely a two-hander between Hill and Franco, but they get support from the great Felicity Jones, currently earning all manner of acclaim for her starring role in The Theory of Everything.  Also appearing are the likes of Gretchen Mol, Ethan Suplee, and Robert John Burke, who played the titular robot cop in RoboCop 3.

Here's the official True Story synopsis:

When disgraced New York Times reporter Michael Finkel (Jonah Hill) meets accused killer Christian Longo (James Franco) – who has taken on Finkel’s identity – his investigation morphs into an unforgettable game of cat-and-mouse. Based on actual events, Finkel’s relentless pursuit of Longo’s true story encompasses murder, love, deceit and redemption.

Check back for the first trailer this week, Rogues!

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