'The Wedding Ringer' Trailer and Red Band Clip: Kevin Hart & Josh Gad Kill Grandma

Tuesday, 16 December 2014 13:03 Written by  iamrogue
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'The Wedding Ringer' Trailer and Red Band Clip: Kevin Hart & Josh Gad Kill Grandma

Just when you're about to dismiss The Wedding Ringer for leaning on a cliche as hoary as a foul-mouthed grandma, the comedy goes and redeems itself by lighting Cloris Leachman on fire.

Sony has unveiled a new theatrical trailer, red band clip, and Aloe Blacc music video promoting The Wedding Singer.

The comedy stars two up-and-coming leading men/potential mega-stars Kevin Hart and Josh Gad.  Hart's established himself as a big draw, while Gad, who earned accolades in the original Broadway run of The Book of Mormon, won many fans voicing Olaf in Frozen.

Here, they team up for an R-rated movie with a sitcom premise. Doug Harris (Gad) is a nice guy marrying a woman he thinks is way out of his league.  So awkward is Doug that just weeks away from the big day, he still doesn't have a best man or even a single groomsman.  So he goes to Best Man Inc., a business/con in which a mercenary party animal pretends to be the best friend of guys like Doug, giving them the finest wedding experience money can buy.

"I run a business where I'm a great best man for the right price," Hart said of his character, Jimmy Callahan, not too long ago. "But I do what has never been done before in this case. I make this guy look like one of the most amazing people in the world."

"This is one hell of a whirlwind," he said. "It's a modern-day bromance with two guys who feed off each other really well."

There are plenty of modern-day bromances out there, but how many include an 88-year-old woman saying "red hot pussy seltzer?"

Now that you've seen Cloris Leachman going up in flames twice, how about cleansing your palette with that music video, which finds Hart and Gad both cutting a rug alongside Aloe Blacc?

The Wedding Ringer hinges on Hart and Gad, but they have plenty of support. 

Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting plays Doug's fiancee and hopefully Olivia Thirlby gets plenty to do in a supporting role as seemingly the only person who suspects Callahan of chicanery.  The cast also includes Mimi Rogers and Jorge Garcia.

The comedy is set to hit theaters on January 16, 2015, almost a year to the day after Ride Along's huge debut. 

If The Wedding Singer reigns supreme in a month, we might just to start thinking of that as Kevin Hart's weekend. 

Check out the official synopsis:

Jimmy provides best man services for socially challenged guys, who – for whatever reason – have no one close enough to agree to stand by them on the day of their wedding. Doug, a groom-to-be, has found himself in just such a situation, but, to make matters worse, he fabricates the names of not only a best man but nine groomsmen as well. When all else fails, Doug seeks out Jimmy’s services to carry out a charade designed to make Doug look his best, but threatens to destroy everything if it fails.

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