Rumor: Disney Really, Really Wants Chris Pratt to Take Over as Indiana Jones

Tuesday, 27 January 2015 12:08 Written by  iamrogue
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Rumor: Disney Really, Really Wants Chris Pratt to Take Over as Indiana Jones

Another Indiana Jones movie is pretty much inevitable, but, at 72 years old, Harrison Ford is getting a little long in the tooth to crack Indy's whip.

So who could possibly take over for Ford as Dr. Henry Jones Jr.?  According to a new rumor that instantly gained traction because it involves two things everybody loves, Chris Pratt is Disney's top choice to play the globe-trotting adventurer, expert on the occult, and finder of lost antiquities.

Pratt's a long way from Pawnee, Indiana these days.  As Parks and Recreation, on which he played lovable moron Andy Dwyer for seven seasons, comes to a close, Pratt is pretty much the most in-demand leading man in movies.  That's thanks to his transformation from lumpy scene-stealer to ripped action hero in last summer's Guardians of the Galaxy.  As Star-Lord, Pratt demonstrates swagger and machismo that very much recall Ford as Han Solo.

He next plays an even manlier man in this summer's Jurassic World, then he'll team with Denzel Washington for the Antoine Fuqua-directed Magnificent Seven remake.  He's also developing comic adaptation Cowboy Ninja Viking as a starring vehicle.  And, of course, there's the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel hitting in 2017.

Does his future also contain a Raiders of the Lost Ark sequel?  According to Deadline, Disney is seriously eyeballing Pratt to play the most dashing archeologist around.

This is pure unfiltered rumor for the time being, since the studio doesn't have a director, a story, or really anything substantive cooking on Indiana Jones 5.  When Disney bought Lucasfilm, all eyes went to Star Wars, but it wasn't long before the House of Mickey was negotiating with Paramount, which distributed all four previous Indy movies, as to future films in the franchise.

But some folks in the know, including Drew McWeeny, express doubts that Disney is anywhere near casting another Indy.  McWeeny quickly declared over Twitter, "Flat-out, I don't believe Deadline's Indiana Jones story at all."

That said, since the Steven Spielberg-directed series is still popular (Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull notwithstanding), it stands to reason that Disney won't leave this cash-cow unmilked.

Almost a year ago, a similar rumor proclaimed that Indiana would go the 007 route, with a different actor donning Indy's cap without a hitch in the series.  That rumor also specified Pratt's fellow Guardian Bradley Cooper as the first choice to take over.

Even if this new rumor is true, it's not clear that Pratt would be eager to accept the role.  He already has one Ford-ish character in the bag and he's already leading another Spielbergian sequel.  With at least two event movie franchises, is he really looking for another?

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