Big 'Star Trek 3' Rumor: Will Bryan Cranston Play the Bad Guy?

Tuesday, 03 February 2015 11:03 Written by  iamrogue
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Big 'Star Trek 3' Rumor: Will Bryan Cranston Play the Bad Guy?

If rumors are to be believed, then Star Trek 3 is adding some very interesting new characters on the final frontier.

One of them, the villain in fact, might just be played by national treasure Bryan Cranston.

After decades as a character actor, Cranston is now rightly celebrated for his remarkable performance as Walter White on AMC's Breaking Bad.  Since the entire world watched the show and realized "This guy's amazing," the Malcolm in the Middle vet has shown a predilection towards popcorn movie roles, playing the bad guy in the Total Recall remake and anchoring the marketing of the Godzilla reboot.

The four-time Emmy winner/One Who Knocks may add yet another rejiggered scifi property to his resume with Star Trek 3.  According to Film Divider, Cranston has met with Paramount to discuss taking on a bad guy role.

We know zilch about the character, except that it's reportedly being written just for Cranston.  Given how the 2009 reboot Star Trek and 2013 sequel Star Trek Into Darkness danced around major Klingon involvement in the story, it's hard not to hope that Cranston might slap on some forehead ridges and swing a bat'leth as a formidable Klingon.  It's not too big a stretch: Christopher Plummer played Chang in Undiscovered Country back in the day.

Star Trek 3 has been on a new creative course over the last few months, with Fast & Furious 3-6 helmer Justin Lin taking over for Roberto Orci.  Orci's screenplay was also jettisoned into the cold vacuum of space, so Scotty himself Simon Pegg is currently overhauling the script alongside Doug Jung.

The story they're writing, Film Divider says, adds three female heavy-hitters to the overwhelmingly male Star Trek cast.  This is sorely needed, since the last movie sidelined Uhura as little more than Spock's girlfriend and put Carol Marcus in her skivvies, adding insult to the injury of being largely superfluous.

One of these new roles for women will be the first female President of the United Federation of Planets in Trek history, suggesting that the Federation will have more of a presence in the Starfleet-focused Abramsverse.  Another is said to be a fellow Starfleet captain, a woman who is apparently a match for Captain Kirk.  As far as casting, Lin and company are reportedly, "looking for somebody with the energy and vitality of Chris Pine."

The last new character is of particular interest.  She's Dr. McCoy's ex-wife.  Whether she's Pamela Branch, Jocelyn Treadaway, or someone created just for the reboot continuity is a mystery at this point, but the fact that she's even a part of the proceedings is promising.  Why?  Because both of the reboot movies have been focused pretty squarely on the relationship between Kirk and Spock, sometimes to the detriment of the other major players, especially Bones, who formed a central trio with Spock and Kirk on the original series.

If McCoy's ex-wife figuring into the story means Karl Urban will have a bigger role when Star Trek 3 hits on July 8, 2016, that's very, very good news.  The guy has channeled DeForest Kelley magnificently and entertainingly, even when saddled with silly dialogue like the explanation for his nickname that ignores "sawbones" as 19th century slang for a doctor.

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