Channing Tatum Whips Out the First 'Magic Mike XXL' Poster

Tuesday, 03 February 2015 12:39 Written by  iamrogue
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Channing Tatum Whips Out the First 'Magic Mike XXL' Poster

Just in case the words "Magic Mike sequel" don't get your attention immediately, the first poster for Magic Mike XXL spits up an ejaculation pun.

So between this and Ted 2, we've seen two ejac-jokes promoting major summer sequels in the last week.

Channing Tatum isn't just pointing at his moneymaker on the poster.  The first movie was inspired by his pre-fame experiences as a male strumpet, and this time the producer also shares a co-writing credit with longtime producing partner Reid Carolin

While debuting the poster, he also gave a heads up that the first trailer arrives tomorrow. America's favorite beefcake coyly tweeted, "Look, but you can't touch...until tomorrow," directing daytime TV watchers to The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The sequel brings back Matt Bomer, Kevin Nash, Adam Rodriguez Gabriel Iglesias, and Joe Manganiello.  Much to Alex Pettyfer's chagrin, everybody's far more bummed out about Matthew McConaughey opting not to return as Dallas, the proprietor of Kings of Tampa.  Magic Mike XXL provides soothing balm for our McConaughey burn by way of new additions Donald Glover, Elizabeth Banks, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Amber Heard, Andie MacDowell, and Michael Strahan.

But wait, isn't Steven Soderbergh retired?  Who directed this one, then?

His longtime first assistant director Gregory Jacobs, who worked on the first movie, takes over as director on Magic Mike XXL.  And yeah, Soderbergh's retired from feature film directing specifically, but he's actually acting as cinematographer and editor under his Peter Andrews and Mary Ann Bernard pseudonyms.  He's also an executive producer.

The story sounds lighter than its predecessor, taking the shape of a road movie rather than an addiction parable.

Here's the official synopsis:

Picking up the story three years after Mike bowed out of the stripper life at the top of his game, Magic Mike XXL finds the remaining Kings of Tampa likewise ready to throw in the towel. But they want to do it their way: burning down the house in one last blow-out performance in Myrtle Beach, and with legendary headliner Magic Mike sharing the spotlight with them. On the road to their final show, with whistle stops in Jacksonville and Savannah to renew old acquaintances and make new friends, Mike and the guys learn some new moves and shake off the past in surprising ways.

Magic Mike XXL shakes, rattles, and rolls into theaters July 1st.  Check back tomorrow for the trailer, same Rogue time, same Rogue channel.

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