Madness Rides Shotgun in 'Mad Max: Fury Road' International Trailer

Thursday, 19 February 2015 09:06 Written by  iamrogue
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Madness Rides Shotgun in 'Mad Max: Fury Road' International Trailer

Buckle up, because a new international trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road hauls ass.

Remember the full domestic trailer for Fury Road, the one that was hands down, no contest the best trailer released last year The absolutely insane one?  Yeah, that one.  This new trailer is basically that trailer squeezed into one lightning-fast minute, which only heightens the lunacy of what's happening onscreen.

George Miller never shied away from the outrageous in his three Mad Max movies starring Mel Gibson as the Road Warrior, with Tom Hardy taking over the role and the full backing of Warner Bros. Pictures, Miller appears to have really let his imagination off the chain.  The result is one of our most anticipated movies of 2015.

What this trailer doesn't tell you (it only suggests it) is that Mad Max: Fury Road is one long chase scene, with a band of lunatics pursuing Max and Furiosa, the determined heroine played by Charlize Theron.  Yeah, one long chase.  “I wanted to tell a linear story–a chase that starts as the movie begins and continues for 110 minutes,” Miller said at Comic-Con last summer. “In this crucible of very intense action, the characters are revealed.”

That's why Hardy only has sixteen lines of dialogue in the whole movie: because you learn everything you need to know about the character from how he acts, not what he says.  As this trailer makes abundantly clear, the return of Mad Max is all about action.

Since it's all about action, not words, Miller didn't rely as much on a traditional screenplay for Fury Road, but instead utilized thousands of storyboards for a story that he said is told in imagery and movement.

His supporting cast includes Nicholas Hoult, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Zoe Kravitz, Josh Helman, Riley Keough, Abbey Lee, and Megan Gale.  And Hugh Kyes-Byrne, who played Toecutter in the original Mad Max, plays Immortan Joe, the scary, long-haired son of a bitch with the skull mask covering the lower half of his face.

It's been a long, long wait, but Mad Max: Fury Road is finally just down the road, hitting theaters on May 15th.

Here's the official synopsis:

Haunted by his turbulent past, Mad Max believes the best way to survive is to wander alone. Nevertheless, he becomes swept up with a group fleeing across the Wasteland in a War Rig driven by an elite Imperator, Furiosa. They are escaping a Citadel tyrannized by the Immortan Joe, from whom something irreplaceable has been taken. Enraged, the Warlord marshals all his gangs and pursues the rebels ruthlessly in the high-octane Road War that follows.

Make sure there's gas in your tank when May 15, 2015 rolls around, because that's when Mad Max: Fury Road hauls ass across the wasteland at a theater near you.

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