One Last 'Insurgent' Trailer Might As Well Be Advertising 'Generic YA Dystopian Sequel'

Wednesday, 25 February 2015 09:08 Written by  iamrogue
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One Last 'Insurgent' Trailer Might As Well Be Advertising 'Generic YA Dystopian Sequel'

One last Insurgent trailer, one last chance to wonder just what the hell is happening in the Divergent sequel.

The Divergent Series: Insurgent hits theaters in less than a month and it might just be a crackerjack piece of entertainment that meaningfully expands on the ideas of the first movie and satisfyingly continues the heroic journey of Tris Prior.

Based on every trailer and TV spot we've seen, however, Insurgent could more accurately be called Young Adult Dystopian Sequel.  Each trailer, this short new joint included, feel like they're running through a checklist of cliches for these types of movies, ladling bullet-spewing action on top of overblown CGI and lugubrious teenage emotionalism.  Maybe it's the marketing, maybe it's the movie, but so far Insurgent feels like the generic middle chapter in a pre-fab franchise.

There are a lot of good actors, though.  Shailene Woodley returns as Tris, cutting her hair and engaging in all manner of digital insanity this time.  She's joined again by Kate Winslet, Theo James, Jai Courtney, Mekhi Pfifer, Maggie Q, Ray Stevenson, Miles Teller, Zoe Kravitz, Ansel Elgort, and Suki Waterhouse.  Added to its acting ammo, Insurgent adds Oscar winner Octavia Spencer and two-time Oscar nominee Naomi Watts as the leaders of Amity and Factionless.

Picking up where Divergent left off, Insurgent follows Tris and Four – now fugitives – as they attempt to unite the Factionless for a war against Erudite.  That power-hungry faction's leader, Jeanine, meanwhile, is using Divergents as guinea pigs in dangerous experiments on a mysterious artifact, and there's one Divergent she wants more than any other: Tris.

The Divergent Series: Insurgent arrives in 2D and 3D on March 20th.

Because this is a YA franchise and it has worked before, the final book in Veronica Roth's bestselling trilogy is being divided into two movies.  So in just over a year, we'll get The Divergent Series: Allegiant - Part 1, followed by Part 2 in March 2017.

Robert Schwentke joined the series as director on Insurgent, stepping into the shoes Neil Burger wore on the first movie.  Schwentke, the director behind R.I.P.D., RED, and Flightplan, is already on board to helm the first part of Allegiant.  Given that the two-part finales of these franchises are almost always shot as one big production, we're assuming he's also going to direct Allegiant - Part 2, but that's unconfirmed for the time being.

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