The Reboot King: Could Chris Pine Be Green Lantern in 'Justice League'?

Thursday, 12 March 2015 13:09 Written by  iamrogue
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The Reboot King: Could Chris Pine Be Green Lantern in 'Justice League'?

More than a year out from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we already know what most of Zack Snyder's Justice League looks like.

Henry Cavill's back as Superman, Ben Affleck is headlining as Batman, Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman has a significant role, Jason Momoa and Ray Fisher cameo as Aquaman and Cyborg, and Ezra Miller probably makes a quick appearance as the Flash.

But when Justice League: Part One hits in 2017, the team will probably have seven superheroes.  Snyder (maybe) signaled as much with the "UNITE THE SEVEN" tagline on that Aquaman first look.  So who is the seventh slugger batting for the Justice League?

It's gotta be Green Lantern.  When Warner Bros. dumped its long term DC Cinematic Universe plans last year, the studio announced a Green Lantern solo movie scheduled to open June 19, 2020.  You can bet dollars to donuts we'll meet the rejiggered GL long before then, most likely in Justice League.

Since all the other Leaguers have already been cast, it's no big leap to wonder who might play the emerald spacecop.

According to scoopmaster El Mayimbe, Chris Pine is in the running to play Hal Jordan in the Snyderverse.

This is pure rumor and ought to be treated as such, but it is interesting that El Mayimbe specifies Hal Jordan.  If there's any truth to this rumor, it means Warner Bros. is rebooting Jordan rather than introducing a different member of the Green Lantern Corps, like Jon Stewart or even Kyle Rayner.  With Stewart, Synder and company could add some more diversity to their supersquad, but if the rumors are true, they're sticking with the Silver Age Lantern.

Chris Pine has done the reboot thing before, first as Captain Kirk in Star Trek, then (less successfully) as CIA hero Jack Ryan.  If he does indeed play Hal Jordan, Ryan Reynolds will join an illustrious list of actors who've preceded Pine in roles, from William Shatner to Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, and even Batman himself Ben Affleck.

Next summer's Star Trek 3 is likely to be his last turn as James Tiberius Kirk and Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit didn't bear franchise fruit, so it's conceivable that Pine might be considering Green Lantern.  But he's also doing pretty well for himself, and might not be amenable to playing a resolutely square character who failed to connect with audiences back in 2011.

Pine has a self-aware charisma that's lighthearted and goofy.  That would make him a welcome addition to Snyder's Justice League, which we're guessing is going to be a pretty somber group.  Superman's snapping necks these days and the new Batman is most influenced by Frank Miller, so it's already a heavy team.  Right now, the Flash is probably the only one who would crack the occasional joke, which is reportedly against DC movie policy.

Again, this is a rumor.  Whenever we finally meet the new Green Lantern, he's unlikely to look like Chris Pine.

The actor has shared the screen with Batman before, having squared off (briefly) against Affleck in Smokin' Aces:

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