'Raging Bull' Redux: Martin Scorsese to Direct Jamie Foxx in Mike Tyson Biopic

Friday, 13 March 2015 08:38 Written by  iamrogue
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'Raging Bull' Redux: Martin Scorsese to Direct Jamie Foxx in Mike Tyson Biopic

Every boxing movie made in the last thirty-five years owes a profound debt to Raging Bull, arguably the greatest portrait of a pugilist ever committed to film.

So the Mike Tyson biopic that's been a-brewing for the last few years has landed a knockout punch before shooting even starts: Martin Scorsese is set to direct the true-life sports drama, according to Jamie Foxx.

If Scorsese is indeed going to make the Tyson movie, he'll reunite with Terence Winter, the Boardwalk Empire writer who scripted the director's last movie, The Wolf of Wall Street.

Winter's been on board for several months, but Foxx has been trying to get this movie made for at least six years.  Last summer, Tyson himself claimed that motion-capture technology would allow Foxx to portray a younger Tyson in the ring and also claimed Scorsese might be getting involved.

We took that with a grain of salt at the time, but it sounds like Tyson was, in fact, right on the proverbial money. 

On Power 105's The Breakfast Club radio show this morning, Foxx himself proclaimed, "I just went in with Paramount with Mike Tyson. So I’m going to do the Mike Tyson story. Listen, to be in the same room pitching Mike Tyson to Paramount, Mike Tyson is on one side, I’m on the other side doing Mike Tyson at the same time. And Martin Scorsese at the helm. This will be the first boxing movie that Martin Scorsese has done since Raging Bull."

Okay, so Scorsese's getting back in the ring with another look at a controversial and formidable pugilist.  When he might actually shoot the Mike Tyson movie is a bit of a mystery however.  The director is always stacking on new potential projects, so it's tough to predict what he'll end up doing a year or two down the line.

Right now, he's in the middle of shooting his longtime passion project Silence adapting the Shusaku Endo novel with Andrew Garfield, Adam Driver, and Liam Neeson.  That one will arrive during awards season late this year.  Then, the long-delayed The Irishman could follow, marking the director's first collaboration with Al Pacino and a reunion with Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci.

Then there's also Scorsese's rumored Ramones biopic, as well as that Frank Sinatra biography he's been almost making for years.  This Mike Tyson chronicle sounds more likely to shoot soon than either of those, but it's far from a guarantee.

"I'm never going to watch the movie of course because," Tyson told IGN last year. "Or I'll probably watch it alone."

To find out Tyson's opinion of Norm MacDonald and his Mr. T impression, check out iamROGUE's exclusive video interview with the heavyweight champ about his Adult Swim series Mike Tyson Mysteries.  It's a hoot.

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