Ryan Reynolds Says 'Deadpool' Will Please Even the Most Critical Fans

Tuesday, 17 March 2015 08:33 Written by  Jordan DeSaulnier
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Ryan Reynolds Says 'Deadpool' Will Please Even the Most Critical Fans

After a decade in development hell, Deadpool finally kicks off production in Vancouver this month.

Ryan Reynolds, the man emptying clips and spouting quips as Deadpool, is promising that next year's solo movie shows "slavish devotion" to the Marvel Comics character and, as such, ought to be embraced by even "the most critical of fanboys."

Reynolds played Wade Wilson once before, in 2009's shambling X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but it was more of a glorified cameo that thoroughly bastardized the popular character, even going so far as to take away the Merc With a Mouth's mouth and giving him laser vision. Since then, he's been trying to will Deadpool into existence as an R-rated action comedy that faithfully adapts the mercenary with an amped-up version of Wolvie's healing powers and a smartassed sensibility.

Now, almost unbelievably, 20th Century Fox is finally making the movie, which is set for February 12, 2016.

"I’m incredibly happy about it - we’ve got a director that understands that world, and writers with a slavish devotion to the canon of that character," Reynolds tells Shortlist. "That’s the most important aspect: it’s made in a way the most critical of fanboys could embrace. Well, that’s the hope."

The director he's referring to is Tim Miller, a visual effects maestro making his feature directorial debut on Deadpool.  The writers, meanwhile, are Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, a duo best known for Zombieland.

“It’s been a long time, but it’s happened in the right way and that’s all that matters,” Reynolds said earlier this year. “We don’t have the kind of money that most superhero movies do, but that’s great, actually. Necessity is the mother of invention, and that’s why we get to make the movie we want to make.”

As principal photography approaches, Miller is filling out the spinoff's cast.  Reynolds is the man behind the mask, obviously, and he's joined by Morena Baccarin as a mysterious love interest who falls for Wade despite his hamburger face, TJ Miller presumably as comedic relief, Gina Carano as obscure mutant Angel Dust, and Ed Skrein probably playing the villain.

Familiar X-Men characters like Colossus are also due to appear, since Deadpool is part of the cinematic universe Fox is building with the sundry X-properties. 

"t's part of an overall timeline and thought process that goes into these films, some of which is inspired by the comics and some which is inspired by seeing what Marvel’s done with [making] a larger tapestry and linking all those movies together, even as they stand independently as well," producer and X-Men: Apocalypse co-writer Simon Kinberg explained not too long ago. "The same kind of thought is going to go into these X-Men movies at Fox.”

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