New 007 Images & a Thorough Rundown of 'Spectre's Opening Action Sequence

Monday, 30 March 2015 08:16 Written by  iamrogue
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New 007 Images & a Thorough Rundown of 'Spectre's Opening Action Sequence

Following the first Spectre teaser trailer, Sony Pictures has released several new images from the opening sequence of the twenty-fourth official 007 adventure.

Before the opening credits, James Bond always grabs the audience's attention with a slam-bang action scene that sets the table for the two hours of adventure, womanizing, and product placement to follow.  Spectre is currently shooting its opener in Mexico City, and in addition to the new pictures showing Daniel Craig in action, a comprehensive rundown of the sequence has arrived online.

There's been a whiff of controversy regarding the Spectre production in Mexico, but director Sam Mendes and company are powering through the shoot, which involves 1,500 extras creating a Dia de los Muertos parade.

Collider got the scoop straight from the unit publicist on the Spectre set. "It starts with Bond and Estrella, who are walking down this Day of the Dead parade. Estrella is played by Stephanie Sigman, who is a Mexican actress. They’re kind of weaving their way through this Day of the Dead parade, they make their way into a hotel—we’ve also shot here once before in The Living Daylights," according to the publicist.

"They’re going up to Estrella’s room, Estrella thinks she might be bringing Bond to bed but instead he’s looking out the view of her window," the description continues. "He sees two baddies across the way having a conversation, and he stops something really bad from happening, kills one of the guys, the other guy goes running, Bond jumps out of the window and there’s a bit of a chase, he causes a building to explode and they both end up—boom—on the ground, and the foot chase starts."

"The baddie’s character is called Skiara, who’s played by Alessandro Cremona, he’s an Italian actor. What we’ve been shooting over the past couple of days is Bond chasing Skiara slowly making their way through the Day of the Dead parade. As the running Skiara is on his mobile phone he’s calling for backup, cue the helicopter coming down the street. Helicopter lands, it’s full of a couple of other baddies. Skiara jumps on, Bond follows, pulls off one of the baddies, Bond jumps on the helicopter, helicopter goes up, and they start to have this fight in the helicopter."

Check out the pictures and head to Collider for an even fuller description.

That's Mendes in the last photo there.  He returns to the franchise after making his debut on Skyfall, the highest-grossing Bond movie ever made.  Thanks to Skyfall's commercial success and rapturous reception by fans, the pressure is on Spectre.

Luckily for Mendes, there's plenty of carryover from the last movie.  Craig's fourth globe-trotting adventure as Ian Fleming's libidinous imperialist finds him once again joined by Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris, Ben Whishaw, and Andrew Scott as Bond's MI-6 buddies M, Miss Moneypenny, Q, and Bill Tanner. 

As for newcomers, the "Bond Girls" this time are played by French fox Lea Seydoux and Italian sexpot Monica Bellucci, while Christoph Waltz is a villainous chap named Oberhauser, Dave Bautista flexes as henchman Jinx, and Andrew Scott shows up as Denbigh, a bureaucratic thorn in the new M's side.

Spectre opens stateside on November 6th, just a little bit after the UK debut on October 23rd.

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