'True Story' Clip, Featurette, and Spots: Jonah Hill vs. James Franco in a Taut Thriller

Tuesday, 31 March 2015 08:18 Written by  iamrogue
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'True Story' Clip, Featurette, and Spots: Jonah Hill vs. James Franco in a Taut Thriller

The upcoming True Story is, in fact, based on a true story. But the title's also ironic, because True Story is all about lies and the slippery, elusive nature of the truth.

The film, which debuted at Sundance earlier this year, stars James Franco and Jonah Hill, a pair who last shared the screen in This Is the End and both are known for foul-mouthed, funny shenanigans.  True Story calls upon both to flex their Oscar-nominated dramatic muscles, though.

Bsed on Michael Finkel's book True Story: Murder, Memoir, and Mea Culpa, this story follows Hill as Finkel, a New York Times reporter who falsified big chunks of a story in 2002.  Right after getting fired from the paper of record, Finkel discovered that Christian Longo, a fugitive on the lamb after murdering his whole family, claimed to be Finkel when he was arrested in Mexico.

An already-weird situation got way, way weirder when Longo would only speak to Finkel, leading to months of exchanges between the disgraced journalist and the killer awaiting trial.  While Finkel investigates Longo's claims of innocence, his subject engages in a cat and mouse game with mysterious intent.

True Story marks the feature directorial debut of Rupert Goold, who assembled a pretty terrific cast for his first film.  Obviously, the film hinges on Hill and Franco, but the ensemble also includes The Theory of Everything Oscar nominee/Star Wars: Rogue One lead Felicity Jones, along with Gretchen Mol, Ethan Suplee, and Robert John Burke, who played the titular robot cop in RoboCop 3.

Fox Searchlight has released quite a few video goodies in anticipation of True Story's April 17th theatrical release.  Today, we've rounded up a clip showing the first meeting between Finkel and Longo, a featurette that delves into the true story of True Story, and a pair of TV spots that hype this dramatic pairing of leading men.

Check them all about below:

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