New Spoiler Details Emerge for ‘Alien’ Prequel; Should be Titled 'Brokeback Alien'

Thursday, 21 October 2010 07:39 Written by  Matt Molgaard
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New Spoiler Details Emerge for ‘Alien’ Prequel; Should be Titled 'Brokeback Alien'

If you’re hoping for a complete mystery when the Alien prequel finally arrives, you should probably stop reading this now. An Australian outlet obtained a copy of the new films script, and we’re about to spill a load of film spoilers for you that may be too much for fickle fans to handle.

Now, this information could of course turn out to be completely bogus. For the sake of good news, we’ll proceed under the notion that these new revelations are indeed true.

According to What’s Playing, the current draft “bares little to no similarity to the [previous] Alien chapters.” Sounds interesting, now let’s find out why.

They say the movie not only includes more details on the Space Jockey as previously revealed but it’s actually about the Space Jockeys. The tone is described as being hard science fiction meets psychological drama with romance. Or as their scooper calls it “Brokeback Alien”. That’s going to make sense when you read the rest of this article. You may want to stop here if you’re hoping to avoid spoilers. You’ve been warned.

The film supposedly follows a group of terraforming aliens referred to as ‘Growers’, which seem to be of the race from which the original’s “space jockey” comes from. These Growers possess some awkward habits including utilizing mind control to entice human slaves to participate in homosexual activities; It seems the aliens, a single-sex species are curious about human breeding. What better way to learn than to gaze upon two men going at it?

The focal alien, the xenomorph, is a creature used by the Growers as a part of the terraforming process. At some point in the script this creature evolves into the hideous alien we’ve all come to recognize.

A ship crewed by alien misfits shows up amongst the Growers and human slaves, and included are two female characters, one which sounds a whole lot like Aliens’ Vasquez, and another named Truks, the role for which Gemma Arterton was considered.

Reports indicate that Ridley Scott has also met with Lance Henrickson, though his place in the film remains somewhat of a mystery, and he may be there to simply help bridge the gap between the prequel and the film’s that followed.

Indications lead one to believe we won’t see quite the action of the other franchise installments, however there seems to be a very psychological element to the film that could lead to a whole new brand of scares for the Alien series.

Source: Slashfilm

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