Stephen Moyer and Sam Neill In Chilling New ’Ice’ Trailer

Friday, 29 October 2010 09:28 Written by  Matt Molgaard
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Stephen Moyer and Sam Neill In Chilling New ’Ice’ Trailer

I’ll be completely honest, prior to a few minutes ago, I hadn’t heard word one about Ice; I didn’t even know it existed! Now, having checked out the trailer, I feel dreadfully foolish, this film looks awesome!

Ice is an adaptation of James Follett’s apocalyptic thriller, and is directed by Nick Copus, who’s working from a screenplay written by Ray Harding. The film boasts an impressive cast which includes the likes of Sam Neill, Stephen Moyer, Richard Roxburgh, Frances O’Conner and Tom Hern.

The film looks a bit like The Day After Tomorrow, minus all the glitz that ruined that potentially excellent piece of work. I could be wrong, but this one looks to be a genuinely chilling (pun intended) account of a modern-day ice age.

Check out the new trailer below!

Source: slashfilm

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