Watch 'Skyline' Trailer - Literally!

Friday, 12 November 2010 12:55 Written by  Kendall Rhodes
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Watch 'Skyline' Trailer - Literally!

If you want to see the SKYLINE trailer with a twist, check out the latest LITERAL Trailer from Tobuscus below plus his hilarious LYRICS!


Peaceful nighttime shot of New York, I meant Los Angeles, where... the only light comes from the buildings AND SPACE! Aliens wake up as early as my mom. Blue lights falling ...down.

Rise and shine it's time to be abducted Shield your eyes, maybe they'll call it off. Maybe they'll shake your booze and wake the drunk guy. Drunk guy standing. A girl's scared of the varicose veins on his face. (VEIN SHOT)

"Hey girl, are you okay?" "No." Hip light, Universal, Relative, Rogue Tiny girl between your legs, now she's bigger. Aliens outside.

If you think you can take a picture, zoom, cut away, product placement. There's tiny ships comin' out of biiig ships with vacuums that suck up people. Statue of Liber-TV Aliens have handheld human vacuums, maybe you can get away in your Ferrari. No. Maybe try your Mercedes.

Maybe not! Hot chicks, bomber planes, falling on the guy from Dexter. Run away! Not that way! Alien slobber Cut Rejoice, the helicopter's going to save you, NOT! Screaming at planes This Fall Sadly shooting in the kitchen, lava monster, helicopters are worthless.

Our First Encounter guy from Dexter, shoots a rocket, dodge a rocket. That thing didn't, making out before you're vacuumed Our Last Stand Holding on, don't look at the light or you'll get ugly. Giant people vacuums vacuum people, Closer shot then screaming! SKYLINE One-Two-One-One-One-Oh

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