Gareth Edwards To Wrangle Godzilla

Thursday, 06 January 2011 01:39 Written by  Matt Molgaard
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Gareth Edwards To Wrangle Godzilla

Gareth Edwards, who recently brought us the creepy sci-fi drama, Monsters looks to be the man taking over the planned Godzilla reboot. Doom scribe, David Callaham had been writing a script for the picture, but it looks as though Edwards will step in to do that job, then direct the picture.

Eyes are set on a summer 2012 release date, but given the state of early post production, time could end up a serious factor in the process.

The hiring of Edwards looks like Warner Brothers utilizing the already spoken-of idea of drawing inspiration from Christopher Nolan’s Batman reboot. It’s a solid plan, but then again Roland Emmerich also seemed the perfect choice to shoot the 1998 rendition.

Source: empireonline

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