Exclusive: Greta Gerwig Talks Russell Brand and 'Arthur' Remake

Friday, 07 January 2011 14:52 Written by  JimmyO
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Exclusive: Greta Gerwig Talks Russell Brand and 'Arthur' Remake

This summer, Russell Brand will be taking on the remake of Arthur where he’ll play the title role. Dudley Moore originated the lovable lout (opposite Liza Minnelli) in 1981. This modern take on the film features Brand as the happy-go-lucky drunk who is an heir to a vast fortune - that is if he marries a girl he doesn’t love. Ah, romance!

The remake also features the undeniably talented Helen Mirren, Nick Nolte and relative newcomer, Greta Gerwig (House of the Devil, Greenberg, and No Strings Attached).

IAR had the chance to sit down with the ever so lovely Gerwig while she was promoting her latest romcom - No Strings Attached. While we mostly discussed sex and movies (look for the full interview closer to the film’s release) she also spoke about working with such talented folks as Brand and Mirren.

It was amazing! It’s so great. It was so much fun… Playing with Russell was just tremendously fun, but it is really sweet too. I mean, the original movie is kind of strange actually and [the remake] has some of the strangeness of it… but [working with] Russell and Helen Mirren, it was kind of a dream. And we shot in New York… it was pretty awesome.

It is easy to be skeptical when you hear the words remake or reimagining, but with Arthur, the casting of Brand is quite exciting. The man is funny, and he certainly has charisma. We’ll just have to wait until April 8, 2011 to see how this reboot holds up to the original.

Are you looking forward to a remake of Arthur?

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