Anton Yelchin Gets Strange in ‘Odd Thomas’

Tuesday, 08 February 2011 10:08 Written by  Jordan DeSaulnier
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Anton Yelchin Gets Strange in ‘Odd Thomas’

Stephen Sommers, that perennial purveyor of bombastic CGI spectacle responsible for The Mummy and its first sequel, Van Helsing, Deep Rising, and GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra is changing it up for his next project.  The director, who for some time was attached to direct a GI Joe sequel, is instead writing and directing an adaptation of the Dean Koontz novel Odd Thomas.  Shock Till You Drop has learned that Sommers has found his leading man in up-and-comer Anton Yelchin.

Yelchin made probably his biggest impression as Russian wiz-kid Chekov in JJ AbramsStar Trek, but he also played the young Michael Biehn in Terminator: Salvation and the title character in Charlie Bartlett.  Coming up, he has a supporting role in The Beaver, and plays the lead in the Fright Night remake.

Odd Thomas is the first in a popular series of four novels, and this first adaptation does well, it’s a safe bet that we’ll see the rest as films in good time.  Yelchin will star as the titular Thomas, a young man who can speak to the dead, and must use that supernatural ability to prevent catastrophe. 

Sommers is now in preproduction on the film, which has a budget of about $47 million.  That’s a comparatively modest budget for a Sommers project, and it’ll be interesting to see how the director acquits himself to more low-key horror.

Do you think Yelchin can support a potential franchise?  And can Sommers restrain his more excessive tendencies in a smaller picture?

Source: ShockTillYouDrop

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