'Prometheus': Idris Elba Joins Cast, Plus 'Alien' Speculation

Friday, 25 February 2011 09:36 Written by  Jordan DeSaulnier
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'Prometheus': Idris Elba Joins Cast, Plus 'Alien' Speculation

Anyone who has seen his work as Stringer Bell on HBO's The Wire knows that adding Idris Elba to a movie can only help its chances of being awesome.  Apparently Ridley Scott took notice, as The Daily Mail mentions briefly that Elba is part of the cast for Scott's return to science fiction, the mysterious quasi-Alien prequel Prometheus, which stars Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, and Charlize Theron.  The article also mentions that Sean Harris and Kate Dickie are on board as well.  The article focuses on the intense secrecy surrounding the film, and includes a mention from Scott that the film is not an Alien prequel, though rumors online in the last day have suggested otherwise.  Read on, if you dare.

Though Scott denied the prequel-ness of Prometheus to The Daily Mail, a few weeks back Fassbender stated emphatically that it is an Alien prequel, and Scott has said in the past that sharp-eyed fans would recognize strands of the original film's DNA in this new picture.  Bleeding Cool has run a rumor that seems to jibe with the conflicting information.  If the rumor is to be believed, the famous ultra-phallic xenomorph designed originally by H.R. Giger will appear in Prometheus, though as different variations which will not be immediately recognizable.

Quoth Brendon Connelly over at BC:

"Quite simply: it has the Alien aliens in it. The catch, though, is that you might not recognise them – at least, not at first.

Remember how the alien took on canine qualities after gestating in a dog? You may even suppose that the first film’s alien was so recognisably humanoid because it had grown in a human. The same applies here: generation by generation, the creature mutates. As Prometheus begins, the xenomorph is not too recognisable. Sure, it has that alien DNA that Scott and Fassbender teasingly referred to, but it’s missing… well, it’s missing human DNA. Or dog DNA.

All you have to do is imagine how it might look if it were to mix DNA with another alien species… and I think we’re starting to work it all out."

So basically, the idea is that we're seeing a sort of embryonic version of the alien, which will gradually become something more familiar.  This makes sense, as the creature's adoption of physical traits from its host species has been a part of the franchise since Alien 3, and was taken to its most ridiculous extreme with the Predalien in Alien vs. Predator: Requiem.

Connelly's report also contains speculation that Prometheus may be a mere placeholder title that could change before the schedules June 3rd, 2012 release date.  It also repeats the long-circulating idea that the story revolves around terraforming an alien planet in order to cultivate a biological weapon.  But will is this would-be weapon, in fact, the alien?  Will we see the original film's mysterious space jockey as an eight-foot tall animatronic, as recent rumors have suggested?

Or do we just take Scott's most recent word for it and believe that the picture will have no substantial relationship with his classic work of sci fi horror?  Would you rather Prometheus be a stand-alone film, or do you want to see some alien-action in this huge movie?  Does all the secrecy get you jacked up to see this when it eventually hits theaters?

Oh, and what possible role could Elba be playing?  Sound off, people.  Sound off.

Source: The Daily Mail, Bleeding Cool

Via: Collider

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