Relativity's Rogue Network Property, The Movie Network, Adds

Monday, 28 February 2011 00:00 Written by  iamrogue
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Relativity's Rogue Network Property, The Movie Network, Adds

Relativity Media announced today it has significantly increased its digital footprint with the addition of, one of the fastest growing sites focused on movies and television, to The Movie Network. Screen Rant focuses on the movies and TV shows that people want to read about and has seen significant traffic growth, now reaching 800,000 unique users per month (ComScore).

Publishers like Screen Rant sign on with The Movie Network to grow their brand exposure with entertainment media buyers as well as get one step closer to the studios, something that only Relativity Media can deliver in a truly consistent and scalable fashion. The Movie Network, ( is a premium group of movie properties, built by Relativity Media and managed exclusively by Q1Media.

Screen Rant had its start by covering Sci-Fi, Superhero and fantasy films, and then branched out into action, comedy, horror and Indie films. While the site covers an array of movie content, their bread and butter is about films that people are buzzing about around the office.

“Our movie reviews are written more for the average person. My goal when I write a review is not to expound on its cinematic qualities so much as it is to help someone decide whether to plunk down their hard earned money to go see it,” said Vic Holtreman, owner of

Not only does the site provide movie news, but it also hosts and encourages healthy movie discussion.

“We pay a lot of attention to comment moderation. We don't allow profanity nor personal attacks. People are encouraged to disagree and debate us and each other, as long as they do it in a civil manner,” Holtreman said.

The Movie Network, part of the larger entertainment branded Rogue Network, presents enormous content syndication and marketing opportunities for brands searching to reach an entertainment-savvy audience.

ABOUT THE MOVIE NETWORK The Movie Network is a network of integrated movie related websites that actively engage in the promotion and discussion of movies. It is a top eight premium movie network and now reaches over 10MM unique users per month, according to ComScore. It is one of the largest families of entertainment-focused properties on the web. Its family of sites combines the best movie, celebrity news and entertainment content with exceptional reach to high quality, loyal visitors.

ABOUT THE ROGUE NETWORK The ROGUE Network‚s digital media assets include the IAMAROGUE.COM and websites, a network of integrated music sites, The Movie Network, a network of integrated movie websites, as wells as Rogue branded Twitter feeds, Facebook and YouTube pages. The Rogue Network according to the most recent Comscore tracking numbers for Dec 2011, the Rogue Network receives 35 million unique visitors per month worldwide with 16 million unique visitors per month in the US. ROGUE is a division of Relativity Media, LLC.

ABOUT ROGUE Rogue is an online brand that appeals to an audience with a passion for, and a desire to participate in shaping the future of entertainment. The website, IAMROGUE.COM, wholly owned by Relativity Media, is an innovative entertainment content site, at the hub of The Rogue Network, through which audiences can influence popular culture and media along with the insiders who make it all happen. ROGUE is a division of Relativity Media, LLC.

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