Trailer: 'The Smurfs' Smurf to the Max

Thursday, 10 March 2011 17:18 Written by  Jordan DeSaulnier
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Trailer: 'The Smurfs' Smurf to the Max

After digitally-animated cartoon characters in live action settings like Garfield  and Alvin and The Chipmunks, how can we be surprised that The Smurfs would leave their village, engaging in hijinks and making pop culture references in contemporary New York?  The Smurfs is directed by Raja Gosnell, who is also responsible for Scooby Doo, Big Momma's House, and Beverly Hills Chihuahua.  The first trailer, featuring no shortage of hot, nasty Smurf action, is out now, for your viewing pleasure.

The biggest surprise here is that Neil Patrick Harris would sign up.  He's joined by Hank Azaria as Gargamel.  In choosing actors to voice Smurfs, Sony has gone for eclectic novelty, with a Smurf cast that includes Anton Yelchin, John Oliver, Katy Perry, Wolfgang Puck, George Lopez, Alan Cumming, BJ Novak, Jeff Foxworthy, Keenan Thompson, and Paul Reubens.

The Smurfs will Smurf you Smurfless in theaters on August 3rd.

Can it really be as bad as it looks?

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