Leonard Nimoy Voicing an AutoBot in 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon'

Thursday, 31 March 2011 11:24 Written by  Jordan DeSaulnier
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Leonard Nimoy Voicing an AutoBot in 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon'

In 2009, the semi-retired Leonard Nimoy made a now-rare big screen appearance in the Star Trek reboot, to reprise his role as Spock.  From here on out, we'll more than likely get our Nimoy-fix purely from voiceover roles, like the one he provided for Land of the Lost that same summer.  Entertainment Weekly (via Cinemablend)  has confirmed the longstanding rumor that Nimoy will next lend his distinctive vocal presence to the upcoming three-quel Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Nimoy will voice Sentinel Prime, who preceded Optimus Prime as the leader of the Autobots.  The character is the very same robot  seen being discovered by Apollo astronauts in the film's teaser trailer.  Apparently, once he arrives Earthside, Sentinel Prime disguises himself as a fire truck and participates in the climactic battle through Chicago.

This won't be the first extraterrestrial shapeshifter Nimoy has played, as he also voiced Galvatron in the 1986 animated feature Transformers: The Movie.

Franchise director Michael Bay considering asking Nimoy to take part in the lamentable second installment, Revenge of the Fallen.  "I was too scared to ask him,” Bay jokes. “Plus, he’s married to Susan Bay, who’s a cousin of mine. So I had to be careful. I’ve met him at family functions. But he told me, ‘I would be honored. I’m glad to be back!’”

The voice of Leonard Nimoy is the latest addition to a cast that includes Shia LaBeouf, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, John Malkovich, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, John Turturro, Dr. Ken Jeong, and Alan TudykTransformers: Dark of the Moon will almost certainly be the final Transformers film for both Bay and LaBeouf, so if you're a fan, don't neglect to catch the giant robot action in 3D on July 1st.

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