Check Out Two Neo-Noir Clips from 'The Big Bang'

Tuesday, 26 April 2011 11:31 Written by  Jordan DeSaulnier
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Check Out Two Neo-Noir Clips from 'The Big Bang'

Most – not every, but certainly most – films in the noir tradition begin with a seedy private detective and case revolving around a beautiful woman.  In the case of The Big Bang, a PI played by Antonio Banderas takes a case to find a Russian boxer's beautiful missing ladyfriend, played by Sienna Guilory.  While the film contains many of the requisite noir ingredients, such as crooked cops (Delroy Lindo and William Fichtner) and upstanding types with dark secrets (James Van Der Beek), it also has some weird twists, including a particle physics fetishist (Autumn Reeser), an apocalyptic science experiment, and Snoop Dogg as a porno producer.  Two new clips from The Big Bang provide some snappy dialogue and action.  Take a look and get a taste of the lunacy.

If you need a better idea of the film's story, here's the trailer.  In addition to the likes of Banderas, Van Der Beek, and Snoop Dogg, The Big Bang also stars Sam Elliott as an eccentric, possibly crazy billionaire who has invested in his own personal atom smasher, overseen by physicist Jimmi Simpson. The picture is directed with no small amount of style by Tony Krantz, from a screenplay by Erik Jendresen, who proved his mettle as the writer behind four episodes of the HBO miniseries Band of BrothersThe Big Bang hits theaters in limited release on May 13th, then on Blu-Ray and DVD as of May 24th.

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