Rumor: DreamWorks Considering 'Fright Night 2' starring David Tennant

Wednesday, 01 June 2011 12:43 Written by  Jordan DeSaulnier
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Rumor: DreamWorks Considering 'Fright Night 2' starring David Tennant

Fans of of forgettable sequels to cult horror-comedies will remember that writer-director Tom Holland's 1985 original Fright Night spawned a Holland-less sequel, Fright Night Part 2.  With the 3D Fright Night remake, starring Anton Yelchin and Colin Farrell, hitting theaters this August, DreamWorks is apparently pretty hot on the Craig Gillespie-directed re-do.  Hot enough that there are preliminary discussions about a remake, which would put supporting players David Tennant and Christopher Mintz-Plasse front and center.

At the moment, this is little more than a rumor, and will remain so for at least the next few months.  Nonetheless, CinemaBlend cites an anonymous source in their report of the potential sequel, and that source claims that Yelchin, Toni Collete, and Imogen Poots would not return, but Tennant's Peter Vincent would be the protagonist.  Roddy McDowell played Vincent in the original Fright Night, and in that version, the character hosted a late-night horror movie show, and was recruited by Charley Brewster to battle his vampiric neighbor Jerry Dandrige. 

In the remake, Vincent is a horror-themed Las Vegas illusionist somewhat in the vein of Kriss Angel.  Though he's not included in the first trailer, Vincent will presumably be tapped by Yelchin as Charlie 2.0 to take out Farrell's Dandrige.

Apparently, the purely hypothetical follow-up would see Peter Vincent in a new location doing battle with new vampiric or otherwise supernatural foes.  While 'Evil' Ernie, played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse, would not be the villain, he would be involved in some capacity.  Ed Thompson is Charley's best friend who becomes involved the evil goings-on.

David Tennant is most recognizable as the good doctor on 49 episodes of the BBC institution Doctor Who.  He played the Time Lord from 2005-2011, when Matt Smith became the latest actor to take up the Doctor's mantle.  Tennant should also be familiar as the tongue-flicking Barty Crouch Jr. in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Of course, any sequel will depend wholly on the box office performance of Fright Night, which bows in 3D on August 19th.  If it's a hit, then DreamWorks will no doubt be eager to move ahead with another round.  Craig Gillespie will be busy for a spell directing the mashup Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, but CinemaBlend's source claims he could very well return.

If this rumor is based in fact, then it is, at least, a vote of confidence in the film, and Tennant in particular, from its studio.

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