Holy Realistic 'Batman Begins' Action Figure, Batman!

Tuesday, 05 July 2011 16:35 Written by  Jordan DeSaulnier
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Holy Realistic 'Batman Begins' Action Figure, Batman!

More than perhaps any superhero, Batman has been recreated in uncountable strange and improbable action figure variations, including Bola Trap Batman, Slalom Racer Batman, Viking Batman, and of course Sadomasochistic Leather Daddy Batman.  Hot Toys has created a 1/6 scale collectible figure, however, which puts to shame every Bola Trap Batman ever made by creating a likeness of Christian Bale in the Batman Begins batsuit that is nothing short of amazing.  It's a Toy Fairs exclusive edition, which means the odds are that neither you nor I will ever get our grubby mitts on one, but take a look at a foot-tall version of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight.

There are even more images and detailed specs on this collectible over at Cool Toy Review.

Looking at the grimacing chin-attachment, you can almost hear the growling of Bale's bat-voice.

This particular batsuit was replaced by a newer, sleeker armor in The Dark Knight, and Christopher Nolan might just provide another update in next summer's The Dark Knight Rises.  Still, the rubbery Begins outfit works perfectly for this collectible treatment, covering up all thirty points of articulation.

While it's not likely to actually happen, don't you wish you had one of these in your bedroom?  Because he's the hero your room deserves and the one it needs right now.  A silent guardian, a watchful protector, a dark knight.

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