'The Dark Knight Rises' Set Videos Give a Good Look at Batman's New Ride

Monday, 15 August 2011 08:44 Written by  Jordan DeSaulnier
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'The Dark Knight Rises' Set Videos Give a Good Look at Batman's New Ride

In the words of Professor Hubert Farsnworth, "Good news, everyone!"  Over the weekend, the production of The Dark Knight Rises once again took to the streets of Pittsburgh to film some vehicular action, and the citizens of that fair city once again ensured that the set would be covered from every possible angle with telephoto lenses, flipcams, and iPhones.  As a result, a glut of new videos provide plenty of revealing new details about the nature of Batman's new ride, which was glimpsed briefly last week.  So there's spoilerific video right here if you want to see the new vehicle in actions alongside Tumblers and the like.

As I said, though, there's good news for everyone, even those folks who don't want to continue spoiling moments from Christopher Nolan's final Bat-movie but just keep themselves from clicking on articles like this one.  The Pittsburgh component of production, which has yielded so very, very many spoiler-nuggets, will be wrapping up this week, so the temptation to peek at your presents may be dramatically lessened.  Then again, filming will move on to Los Angeles and New York, so maybe not.

Anyways, the first video of this Bat-vehicle comes from PittsburghMovies.

That's Batman in the cockpit, and while last week's photos left some doubt as to the nature of this vehicle, this video makes it abundantly clear that the thing flies.  Based on the way it moves here, it could very well be a helicopter, but it could just as likely be a plane with a Harrier-style hovering capacity.

And here, thanks to SuperHeroHype, are more videos from the set, making it clear that we're going to be seeing a chase scene involving Tumbler's, this Batwing, and a really big truck.

So there was the Tumbler, the Batpod, and now this.  Given that the new Bat-thing is on a rig and will no doubt involve oodles of visual effects, it's not fair to judge yet.  Clearly that big military-style truck plays a big role in this action sequence, perhaps carrying some piece of Wayne Enterprises technology?

The Dark Knight Rises doesn't hit theaters until July 20, 2012.  For the last year though, anticipation has been getting straight-up ridiculous, so the next year should involve plenty of fervent anticipation for the last installment of the trilogy starring Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Michael Caine, and Morgan Freeman, along with newcomers Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Marion Cotillard.

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