Action Storyboards From Joseph Kahn's Abandoned 'Neuromancer' Adaptation

Thursday, 17 November 2011 12:59 Written by  Jordan DeSaulnier
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Action Storyboards From Joseph Kahn's Abandoned 'Neuromancer' Adaptation

Here's a treat, a dispatch from that vast realm of potentially cool projects that simply never actually ended up being movies.  This particular would-be movie is Neuromancer, an adaptation of William Gibson's seminal 1984 cyberpunk novel that would've been directed by Joseph Kahn, the acclaimed music video director who made his feature debut with 2004's tongue in cheek actioner Torque.  The treat today is a selection of storyboards by Dan Fraga, giving a beat for beat idea of an action sequence that would've taken place in Istanbul, had this version of the story come to fruition.  Fraga's work is crazy detailed, and the action here looks ambitiously audacious.

Kahn was one of several directors to attempt a cinematic take on Gibson's novel, which has been so hugely influential on science fiction and action since its debut that one of the biggest challenges in bringing it to the screen now would be to keep it from feeling derivative of all the properties that owe it a huge debt.  Kahn followed fellow music video helmer Chris Cunningham and was proceeded by Vincenzo Natalie, who hopes to get production on his version underway in 2012.

Anyways, these storyboards debuted on Fraga's blog, but we were pointed to them by Kahn's funny and informative Twitter (@JosephKahn).  Take a look at the elaborate cybernetic eye implants on action vixen Molly, which could be indicative of Kahn's unusual visual approach to the technology in the story.  As far as I recall, this action bit was not in the book, but in the backseat you can see what I'm guessing are the hacker protagonist Case (short haired gent) and sadistic weirdo Peter Riviera, along with one of Riviera's signature holographic creations.

So there you have it.  Vincenzo Natali's Neuromancer might manage to get made with independent financing, though at this point it's hard to believe Gibson's stylized story will ever actually grace movie screens.  Either way, we won't be seeing a Joseph Kahn-directed Neuromancer.

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