Watch the "Am I a Man or Am I a Muppet" Music Video from 'The Muppets'

Monday, 12 December 2011 11:58 Written by  Jordan DeSaulnier
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Watch the "Am I a Man or Am I a Muppet" Music Video from 'The Muppets'

Am I a man or am I am a Muppet?  If there's a defining philosophical question of our age, it is this.  Luckily, The Muppets addressed this philosophical imperative with a damn fine musical number late in the film, as Gary, played by co-writer Jason Segel, and Gary's brother Walter, played by Muppeteer Peter Linz, both attempt to figure out their true natures.  Disney has released a music video for "Am I a Man or am I a Muppet" that incorporates the musical and clippage from throughout the film.  Bret McKenzie, who also happens to be one half of New Zealand's folk-comedy duo Flight of the Conchords, served as music supervisor on The Muppets, and this particular song most recalls the music from the HBO series The Flight of the Conchords.  So watch now, and if you haven't seen The Muppets, watch it first then come back to watch the video.

If, for some foolish reason, you have yet to see the film, keep in mind that this music video would spoil a cameo that plenty of people seem to enjoy thoroughly.  Still, the statute of limitations on that has sort of expired by now.

The Muppets is directed by James Bobin, who directed the lion's share of episodes from Flight of the Conchords for HBO, as well as the hysterically funny series Da Ali G Show.  So that explains how McKenzie became involved with the theatrical revival of Jim Henson's beloved creations.  And the film benefits from his involvement enormously, as McKenzie's music aids in the film's buoyant, insanely upbeat tone.  Seriously, go see it.  You'll see Oscar winning Serious Actor® Chris Cooper rapping about how much he loves money.

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