Max Landis Returning to Write a 'Chronicle' Sequel

Thursday, 08 March 2012 09:20 Written by  Jordan DeSaulnier
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Max Landis Returning to Write a 'Chronicle' Sequel

Most movies involving superpowered characters are ridiculously costly affairs, but last month's Chronicle, a sort of found footage superheroic origin story, was far more cost effective.  The film was a pleasant surprise for critics and audiences, proving quite commercially successful over the last month.  For the film's younger director, Josh Trank, and writer, Max Landis, this has meant a huge jump in their respective profiles.  Now they're both lining up new projects, and Landis has signed on to write a Chronicle sequel for 20th Century Fox.

To put it in context, the film was made with a production budget of $12 million but still contained all manner of super-powered action and mischief.  It opened in first place with $22 million, and in the 33 days since its release, it has gone on to gross $61.1 million domestically.  Combined with international territories, its global total stands at $105.1 million. 

So you can see why Fox is interested in another ChronicleDeadline reports that Landis has committed to write the follow-up, but no further details as to story or schedule are available.  The first film follows a trio of high school students, played by Michael B. Jordan, Alex Russell, and Dane DeHaan, who stumble upon telekinetic powers and begin filming their exploits.  Naturally, the power brings out the worst in one character.

We don't know if any characters from the first film will be back for another round or if the connection between the original and sequel will be less direct.  It's also not yet clear how likely it is that Josh Trank will once again direct and co-write.  This week, a rumor bubbled up online that Trank is in negotiations with Sony Pictures to direct Venom, based on the Marvel character who began in the pages of The Amazing Spider-Man.  That news has yet to be confirmed or denied.  He's also previously been rumored as Fox's choice to reboot Fantastic Four, but he's mostly shrugged that one off.

The 26-year old Landis is the son of legendary director John Landis, the man who gifted the world with An American Werewolf in London.  Last April, Landis sold a pitch titled Amnesty to Imagine Entertainment and Universal Pictures.  That story, which is said to cross the genres of fast-paced espionage and epic fantasy, has Ron Howard attached to direct.

Landis also wrote and directed the short film The Death and Return of Superman, which you can view below:

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