The 'Leprechaun' Series is Getting a Reboot

Friday, 16 March 2012 08:00 Written by  Jordan DeSaulnier
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The 'Leprechaun' Series is Getting a Reboot

Some topical news on the eve of St. Patrick's Day today, folks.  Tomorrow, after getting thoroughly housed on cheap, watery, disgustingly green-dyed beer, we can all pass out peacefully in puddles of our own vomit knowing that Leprechaun will be remade.  That's right, the film that kicked off the campy, improbable straight-to-video franchise, is going to be recreated with "a modern-day spin."

Worth noting that the first film, the one having a modern spin put on it, was released in 1993.  It is now notable both for being the feature film debut of Jennifer Aniston before she played Rachel on Friends, and for starting a series the very existence of which is undeniably funny.  Basically, the films follows a vengeful Leprechaun murdering people in order to find his precious gold.

Leprechaun was followed by one theatrical sequel and no less than four straight-to-video sequels, including Leprechaun 4: Leprechaun in Space and culminating in Leprechaun: Back 2 Tha HoodWarwick Davis starred as the title character in all five movies.  Davis, who currently stars on the Ricky Gervais-Stephen Merchant series Life's Too Short, also played Wicket the Ewok in Return of the Jedi, as well as Professor Flitwick and Griphook the Goblin.

But back on topic.  Trimark, which produced the first film, eventually came under the auspices of Lionsgate, and Variety reports that the Lionsgate is teaming up with WWE Studios on a new Leprechaun.  It's part of a two-picture deal that finds the two sharing production costs and marketing strategies, with Lionsgate distributing Leprechaun and one other as-yet unspecified film.

Having independently produced six films such as The Marine and 12 Rounds, WWE Studios is now looking to focus on co-financing projects and picking up films at festivals.  Lionsgate and WWE previously teamed for The Condemned and See No Evil. Michael Lusi took over the film division of the wrestling empire in September.   "We have been looking for ways to continue our relationship with Lionsgate," Lusi said. "And we saw 'Leprechaun' as the perfect opportunity to take a well-known franchise and put a modern-day spin on it. This is a property that we believe our audience will respond to and we continue to look for ways to surprise and engage them."

The modernization of Leprechaun presumably means that the film will include characters using iPhones and at least one reference to Facebook.  There's not yet a director, writer, or cast, but a 2013 release is planned.  Let's at least get a Davis cameo in there, and make sure to contact Aniston's people, if only because it would be amusing.

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