'The Avengers' Assemble: New Clip, Featurette, and Premiere Livestream

Wednesday, 11 April 2012 07:57 Written by  Jordan DeSaulnier
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'The Avengers' Assemble: New Clip, Featurette, and Premiere Livestream

Okay, there are still weeks until The Avengers hits Stateside theaters, but the film has its world premiere in Los Angeles tonight.  So if you felt overwhelmed by the sheer amount of The Avengers stuff out there, you're about to get buried under an avalanche of promotional material.  For example, today we have another new official clip from the film, a behind the scenes featurette, and a livestream video of the aforementioned world premiere.

First up, the third official clip from the movie, and my favorite thus far.  The first had Scarlett Johansson bouncing about and beating the shit out of people, while the second had Samuel L. Jackson and Cobie Smulders being terse about the end of the world.  Now, two fan favorites from the Marvel movie universe, Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Hiddleston, engage in bit of verbal sparring as Tony Stark and Loki.

The clip is a fuller version of the exchange seen in many a TV spot and first glimpsed at Disney's D23 Convention last year.  Soak it up:

Second on the list is the behind the scenes featurette, which debuted at TotalFilm today.  There's naught in the way of new footage from the film itself; it's all stuff seen in trailers and whatnot.  Still, though, you'll find a lot of new footage from the set itself, as well as hype-building statements from Downey Jr, Johansson, Chris Evans, and writer-director Joss Whedon, who points out just how unprecedented The Avengers is.

Finally, the film premieres tonight at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, and, of course, it'll be an event with pomp, circumstance, and all that noise.  Thanks to sponsor Harley Davidson and the modern miracle that is Livestream, we'll all be able to pretend we're present for the glamorous goings-on from the comfort of our living rooms. 

That's right, check back here or head to the Livestream red carpet page at 6:00 pm Pacific Time or 8:00 pm Eastern Time to catch the livestream of the big premiere.

The Avengers will be screened for critics this week, so expect first impressions and spoilers to begin bubbling up online as early as tonight and continuing throughout the week.  Still, the rest of us will have to wait several weeks to see Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Tom Hiddleston, Clark Gregg, and Cobie Smulders in action.  Joss Whedon's sophomore directorial feature arrives in American theaters on May 4th.

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