Bats, Cats, and Bane: New 'The Dark Knight Rises' Images

Friday, 11 May 2012 09:19 Written by  Jordan DeSaulnier
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Bats, Cats, and Bane: New 'The Dark Knight Rises' Images

With a certain Marvel Studios superhero team-up making money hand over fist in record-breaking amounts of time, there's been a lot of discussion about the box office fate of the third and final installment in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy.  All this talk of comparative opening weekends is not only premature, it misses the basic and undeniably happy point that this a summer in which we're treated to both The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises.

So let's focus on the upcoming climactic entry in the Bat-saga with a crop of new images from the film.

Specifically, three scans from the latest print issue of Total Film, thanks to Film4life of the SuperHeroHype forums.  These three feature Christian Bale as the heroic Batman, Tom Hardy as the villainous Bane, and Anne Hathaway as the ambiguous Selina Kyle.  Then there's also one brand-spanking new image of a very pissed-off looking Bane, courtesy of Total Film.

Last week, Warner Bros. dropped a third trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, presumably the last theatrical trailer we'll see for the sequel.  But who knows, maybe the studio will prime the pump with one more trailer between now and July 20th.  Click here to watch that trailer all over again and begin fervently speculating as to the film's many secrets and surprises.

Nolan co-wrote the film with his brother and The Dark Knight screenwriter Jonathan Nolan, working from a story by the former Nolan and his Batman Begins co-writer David Goyer.  The behind-the-scenes franchise regulars like Oscar-winning cinematographer Wally Pfister and Oscar-nominated production designer Nathan Crowley are pretty much all back for one last round, with the notable exception of co-composer James Newton Howard.  His collaborator on the previous scores, Hans Zimmer, will fly solo on this one.

As for the cast, you know the deal.  Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Anne Hathaway, Morgan Freeman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Juno Temple, Matthew Modine, Josh Pence, Nestor Carbonell, Aiden Gillen (Carcetti!  Littlefinger!) and Daniel Sunjata all star in the sequel.

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