'Prometheus' Touches Down in the First Official Clip

Monday, 14 May 2012 11:26 Written by  Jordan DeSaulnier
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'Prometheus' Touches Down in the First Official Clip

We've seen all manner of impressive, anticipation-stoking promotion for Prometheus, including many a teasing image and that behind-the-scenes featurette that closed out last week.  20th century Fox is starting this week off right and ensuring that the Alien quasi-prequel remains a much-discussed summer movie event by releasing the first official Prometheus clip.

Spoiler-phobes needn't worry, as this presumably comes pretty early in the film and is quite straightforward.  The clip feels pretty chopped up to fit in just over a minute without giving away anything important.  Basically, it's just the titular spacecraft landing on the alien world where most of the film takes place.  Since Idris Elba plays the captain of said spaceship, he's in charge here, though Logan Marshall-Green's scientist is helping call the shots.

This first clip premiered at Apple today, and you can head over that way to see Prometheus properly in high definition.

Many of the characters in this film are scientists, but it's nice to see that Elba's character carries a bit of the working class normalcy that characterized the ensemble of Alien.  Plus, it's Stringer Bell at the helm of a giant spaceship.

Marshall-Green's observance that "God does not work in straight lines" belies some the movie's thematic preoccupations, made clear enough by its title and the story to find the origins of our species on an alien planet.  It may not end up being terribly subtle, but at least Prometheus is a big, expensive summer movie that endeavors to actually be about something substantial.

This affords our first listen to the film's score, which is provided by Marc Steitenfeld, a frequent Ridley Scott collaborator whose credits include American Gangster, Body of Lies, A Good Year, Robin Hood, and this year's The Grey, which was produced by Scott Free, the director and his brother Tony Scott's production company.

Scott's return to science fiction and horror stars Elba, Marshall-Green, Noomi Rapace, Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender, Sean Harris, Rafe Spall, Guy Pearce, Kate Dickie, and Patrick Wilson.

Break out your Rogue 3D Eyewear for Prometheus on June 8th.

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