New 'The Watch' Trailer Goes Green Band But Stays Funny

Wednesday, 23 May 2012 18:39 Written by  Jordan DeSaulnier
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New 'The Watch' Trailer Goes Green Band But Stays Funny

Now, a new green band trailer does away with the expletives and the nasty bits, but doesn't suffer too much for it.  The story follows a quartet of bored suburban males who form a neighborhood watch coalition that then becomes the last line of defense against an alien infiltration and invasion.  In the red band trailer, the discovery of alien blood led to a long riff about semen, the green band version goes right to a joke about the Nickelodeon Awards. 

In this version, which premiered on Conan and is here thanks to TeamCoco, we do get our first look at the extraterrestrial threat, as well as a wonderful prolonged bit of human-on-alien violence. 

The way Vaughn hesitates before taking that last shot, like he knows it's wrong, yet continues to shoot the dead just works.  Also, the diea of a setpiece inside a Costco is one that very much appeals.

This is the second directorial feature by Akiva Schaffer, who made his debut with the underseen, oft-misunderstood Hot Rod, starring his Lonely Island compatriots Andy Samberg and Jorma Taccone.  Schaffer and his cohorts did excellent work creating Digital Shorts for Saturday Night Live over the years, and setting him loose on a big, hard-R rated comedy with guys like Ayoade, Hill, Vaughn, and Stiller is every shade of promising.  As is the fact that Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg contributed to the screenplay.

The supporting cast includes Taccone, Will Forte, Rosemarie DeWitt, Nicholas Braun, R. Lee Ermey, and guy-in-makeup master Doug Jones as the principal alien.

The Watch hits theaters this July 27th, also known as the Friday after Batman.

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