Actioner 'Kill Speed' Kills With Speed on DVD

Tuesday, 12 June 2012 11:18 Written by  iamrogue
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Actioner 'Kill Speed' Kills With Speed on DVD

June 12, 2012.  Mark the day however you must, whether with a notation on your calendar or a tattoo on your forehead, just so long as you remember, from this moment until your last, that most auspicious day on which Kill Speed arrived on DVD. 

Sure, you could remember June 12th as the birthday of former United States President George Bush (The First), Russia Day, or World Day Against Child Labor, but do any of those things involve a sexy, hotshot pilot making millions by flying drugs across the border in high-tech planes at damn near the speed of sound? 

I should think not.  Kill Speed, however, offers just that.

The movie, which hits shelves on DVD today, stars Andrew Keegan as the leader of a group of drug runners whose alternately lavish and high-velocity lifestyle is compromised when both the US government and the competition set out to eliminate their operation.  Written and directed by Kim Bass, Kill Speed's cast also includes Natalia Cigliuti, Brandon Quinn, Nick Carter, Robert Patrick, Greg Grunberg, Innis Casey, Graham Norris, and Bill Goldberg.

Here's an official synopsis:

Thrill seeking party boy Sean Strayger (Andrew Keegan) and his friends support a lavish lifestyle by running drugs across the Mexican border in private planes. When Strayger meets the beautiful and mysterious Rosanna (Natalia Cigliuti), high-flying fun takes a dangerous turn. If the feds and drug lords don’t get them, the speed just might.

And, as a sampling of the film, here's a trailer:

Kill Speed is now available for purchase on DVD.

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