Peter Dunk-lage: Yet Another 'Amazing Spider-Man' Clip

Tuesday, 12 June 2012 13:47 Written by  Jordan DeSaulnier
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Peter Dunk-lage: Yet Another 'Amazing Spider-Man' Clip

Even in the midst of assaultive marketing campaigns, some movies still play it relatively coy, like Prometheus or even, so far, The Dark Knight Rises.  That's not the case with The Amazing Spider-Man, as Sony Pictures has been dropping new clips and featurettes from the Spider-Man reboot on a pretty much daily basis.  The latest taps into the soon-to-happen clash between good and evil that is the NBA Championships, as the Oklahoma City Thunder attempt to take the title to which the Miami Heat have been feeling so entitled for the last few seasons.

The first championship game kicks off tonight on ABC, but for now, you can watch as Peter Parker irresponsibly uses his newfound Spider-powers to show up the bullying Flash Thompson.  Even though Andrew Garfield's Parker is the sweater-wearing ubernerd that Tobey Maguire played, he's still plenty frustrated by years of marginalization, and he's eager to vent with a showing of athletic talent that would undoubtedly tip any onlookers off to the fact that Peter's not a normal dude.

This particular clip debuted today at Yahoo! Movies, where you can view it in high definition.

To provide a partial re-cap of some The Amazing Spider-Man happenings, yesterday we saw two new featurettes promoting the film, while last week included a Gwen Stacy-centric clip, another in which Spidey comes across as a web-slinging novice, and two clips of more straightforward dialogue scenes.

For all Sony's attempts to distance this reboot from Sam Raimi's take on Spider-Man's origin, this clip corresponds pretty nicely with a scene from the 2002 movie where Maguire gets into some fisticuffs with Joe Manganiello as Flash before taking it too far.  In this version, Peter's more cocksure, actively messing with Flash, while old school Parker was pretty purely defensive.  Garfield manages to keep Pete likable despite this, and the score by James Horner emphatically hammers home how much mischievous fun he's having.

The Marc Webb-directed Spider-Man adventure, shot in 3D, arrives at a theater near you on July 3rd.  Good thing you've got Rogue 3D Eyewear so you can watch in style. 

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