Tender is the Spider: New 'Amazing Spider-Man' Clip and Poster

Thursday, 14 June 2012 10:49 Written by  Jordan DeSaulnier
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Tender is the Spider: New 'Amazing Spider-Man' Clip and Poster

We've seen ten – ten! – clips from The Amazing Spider-Man so far, but Sony's not stopping there.  Oh no, another clip from the reboot of Marvel Comics' most popular arachnid superhero has landed online, along with yet another new poster for the film.

Both of these emphasize Spider-Man's softer side.  He may be a webslinging superhero, but Stan Lee and Steve Ditko's hero has been struggling with his romantic relationships for the five decades since his initial publication.  Sam Raimi's Spider-trilogy hinged on the relationship between Peter and May Jane Watson, but the reboot doubles back to his tragic first love, Gwen Stacy.

Following a clip of Peter using his powers to antagonize Flash Thompson seen earlier this week, this new one, clocking in at under forty-five seconds, is more laid back.  Peter, played by Andrew Garfield, is actually laying back, presumably after a battle with The Lizard, and quietly conversing with Emma Stone as Gwen.  The clip, which debuted at Sky Movies, suggests that if this rebooted franchise sticks to the basic comic mythology down the line, the first movie is setting up for a big dramatic moment.

Once again, James Horner's score doesn't seem to be underlining emotion so much as highlighting it then writing it in the margins with triple exclamation points.

The tenderness of that clip is matched by the new poster, which incorporates Gwen into the now-familiar Spidey-poster look.  Thanks to Den of Geek on this one.

The Amazing Spider-Man is less than three weeks away from its July 3rd release date.  How many more clips do you think we'll be seeing in that amount of time?

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