Domestic 'Looper' Trailer Pits Gordon-Levitt Against Willis

Thursday, 28 June 2012 14:28 Written by  Jordan DeSaulnier
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Domestic 'Looper' Trailer Pits Gordon-Levitt Against Willis

The brand new domestic trailer for Looper has parked itself on the internet's front lawn after taking out the mailbox and running over a bunch of LOLcats in the process.  It's that cool, folks.  If you were expecting the second US trailer to be essentially a repeat of yesterday's version from the United Kingdom, you were sorely mistaken, as this trailer for Rian Johnson's time-traveling science fiction trip is entirely different and, somehow, even more fun than its predecessors.

A dialogue scene between Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt was briefly glimpsed in the international trailer, but this new preview opens with an extended look at that conversation, establishing both the central conceit and what happens when you trifle with Willis before moving into the nuts and bolts of the movie's premise.  It's an effective, elegant way to sell audiences on the idea of Gordon-Levitt as a younger Willis.  See, the idea here is that the protagonist is a looper, a guy who assassinates anybody sent back in time from a future three decades away, but when his future self shows up and starts handing out beat-downs like they're free, pandemonium ensues.

Okay, that's enough talk, watch this trailer now.  Do it here or in high definition at Yahoo! Movies, where it just premiered.

Check out the fresh UK trailer and the teaser from April, click here and here.

One of the most exciting filmmakers going, The Brothers Bloom writer-director Johnson reteams with his Brick hero Gordon-Levitt, and man, I don't see how you wouldn't be excited by this movie.  You'd have to sit me down and explain it very, very slowly just how that's possible.

Supporting roles are played by Emily Blunt, Garret Dillahunt, Paul Dano, Noah Segan, Piper Perabo, and Gordon-Levitt's costar from the shamefully underrated The Lookout, Jeff Daniels.

Looper will be spinning out and doing donuts at a theater near you on September 28th.

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