Two TV Spots & a New One-Sheet for Robert Zemeckis's 'Flight'

Thursday, 04 October 2012 09:36 Written by  Jordan DeSaulnier
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Two TV Spots & a New One-Sheet for Robert Zemeckis's 'Flight'

Two brand new TV spots and a one-sheet for Flight are online, and they've got me asking why anyone wouldn't be excited for Robert Zemeckis's return to live-action filmmaking.

Even removed from the Zemeckis of it all, the first trailer, released in June, suggested that Flight could be outstanding, complex, grown-up drama.  Two-time Oscar winner Denzel Washington plays Whip Whitaker, a commercial airline pilot who gets the full-on hero treatment after safely crash-landing a plane that, by all rights, he shouldn't have been able to land.  After the near-disaster, though, some questions about Whitaker's actions and character complicate matters.

Sounds good, but we're talking about the first live-action from Zemeckis after twelve years making the motion-capture movies The Polar Express, Beowulf, and A Christmas Carol.  A director with a rare technical control and eye for visual effects, Zemeckis proved time and again to have a mainline to the American zeitgeist with movies like Back to the Future, Forrest Gump, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, and Cast Away.  There are also his less acclaimed but nonetheless outstanding movies such as Used Cars and Contact.  Not to begrudge Zemeckis his years spent playing in the motion-capture sandbox, but it's good to see him back.

TV spots, ho!

The poster below, which premiered at HitFix, mostly just tells the audience, "Denzel Washington is in this movie and shit gets serious," but Flight has a cast of ringers, many of whom get brief moments in the TV spots above.  There's Don Cheadle, John Goodman, Brian Geraghty, Kelly Reilly, Bruce Greenwood, James Badge Dale, and even the great Melissa Leo.

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