Set Photos: Up Close and Personal With 'RoboCop' and His Bike

Wednesday, 31 October 2012 11:05 Written by  Jordan DeSaulnier
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Set Photos: Up Close and Personal With 'RoboCop' and His Bike

Yet another batch of unofficial pictures from the set of the RoboCop remake have made their way online, providing bright, clear images of Joel Kinnaman as the title character astride his now familiar matching RoboCycle.

Images from the Toronto production have been showing up for the last month and change, giving our best idea of the goings on going on with this remake of Paul Verhoeven's flat-out brilliant 1987 sci fi-action-satire.  In September, we got our first look at Swedish actor Kinnaman in costume.  October has seen many a set photo, starting with many of the supporting players, then showing that futuristic motorcycle in action.

All that time, I've been wondering why MGM hasn't yet released an official RoboCop image with proper lighting in order to combat some of negativity surrounding this remake, which was already facing an uphill battle before griping about the costume began.

Until such an official image appears, we're looking at pictures like these, which afford the brightest representation of RoboCop that we've seen thus far.  The images below are courtesy of MovieWeb and Just Jared.  Head over to either source in order to see many more like these.

The remake, directed by Jose Padilha, was recently delayed from a planned August 2013 release date to a new spot on February 7, 2014.

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