First Trailer for 'Warm Bodies,' Jonathan Levine's Zombie Romantic Comedy

Thursday, 08 November 2012 12:13 Written by  Jordan DeSaulnier
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First Trailer for 'Warm Bodies,' Jonathan Levine's Zombie Romantic Comedy

Summit Entertainment has released the very first trailer for Warm Bodies, a love story that finds an existentially confused zombie falling for a living woman.  The trailer should assuage the suspicions of anyone expecting that the film, based on the novel by Isaac Marion, would be simply a Twilight clone replacing a vampire played by a Brit with prominent cheekbones with a zombie played by a Brit with prominent cheekbones.

In this instance, that Brit is Nicholas Hoult, who played Beast in X-Men: First Class and was the awkward little moppet in About a Boy ten years ago.  Here, he plays R, a zombie frustrated by the limitations of his decaying brain as he shuffles across the wasteland that was once America. When he falls for Julie, a human woman played by Teresa Palmer of Sorcerer's Apprentice and I Am Number Four, his humanity begins reasserting itself.  The change could end the stalemate between the dead and the living, if Julie's militaristic father, played by John Malkovich, doesn't destroy R first.

This trailer plays up the comedic elements of the film and its cleverness.  Almost a decade ago, Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg proved that zombies and a romantic comedy can indeed by a satisfying combination, and Warm Bodies has the potential to be something of a spiritual successor to Shaun of the Dead.

See what you think of this trailer, courtesy of Entertainment Tonight.

The novel on which Warm Bodies is based has many fans, but the biggest cause for excitement with the film adaptation is Jonathan Levine, who wrote the screenplay and directs.  Levine most recently managed to juggle cancer and comedy in last year's 50/50.  Prior to that, he wrote and directed the criminally underappreciated The Wackness, a coming of age comedy that balances earnest emotionalism with really sharp, character-based comedy.

Warm Bodies was originally scheduled to hit theaters in August of this year, but the initial date was shifted to February 1, 2013 for as yet unreaveled reasons.  Either way, we'll see if the movie successfully combines horror and comedy in just a few months.

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