'This Is 40' Clips: How to Kill Your Spouse & Ogle Megan Fox

Thursday, 29 November 2012 14:41 Written by  Jordan DeSaulnier
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'This Is 40' Clips: How to Kill Your Spouse & Ogle Megan Fox

Two official clips from the comedy-drama This Is 40 are circulating online, providing us an opportunity to ruminate on spin-offs, enjoy marital morbidity, appreciate Robert Smigel, and see Megan Fox in a bikini.

Less than a month out from Judd Apatow's new movie, which is a spin-off of Knocked Up following Pete and Debbie, supporting characters played by Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann

In order to explain the relationship between the two movies, Universal is billing This Is 40 as the "sort-of sequel to Knocked Up."  It's a clever way of saying it's a spin-off, but I don't think This Is 40 should be ashamed to call itself what it is; beloved television spin-offs over the decades include The Jeffersons, Laverne & Shirley, The Colbert Report, and Kourtney and Chloe Take Miami.  Stand tall among your fellow spin-offs, This Is 40.  Stand tall.

Okay, so the two clips.  The first, from Moviefone, has Rudd and Mann lovingly discussing how they would murder each other, and the two have a comfortable back and forth as they affectionately talk about slow poison and Fargo-inspired body disposal.  The second, from AMC, has Rudd and Robert Smigel staring at Fox as she plays in a pool, while Mann and Annie Mumolo have their own talk.  Smigel is awesome, and the fact that he's the human Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is just one bit of evidence.

Judd Apatow has been contributing or overseeing quality comedy for decades, going all the way back to Heavyweights and The Cable Guy.  I mean, he wrote on The Larry Sanders Show and executive produced Freaks and Geeks, so while I understand that their some folks who sneer at his name if for no reason than its ubiquity, let's just appreciate all that Apatow has provided.  And look forward to more.

This Is 40 arrives on December 21st.

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