Two More 'Les Miserables' TV Spots: Fight, Hope, Dream, Love

Tuesday, 04 December 2012 11:54 Written by  Jordan DeSaulnier
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Two More 'Les Miserables' TV Spots: Fight, Hope, Dream, Love

Universal Pictures is peppering the airwaves with two new television spots hyping this month's Les Miserables.  Thanks to the miracle of modern technology, you don't have to sit through hours of TV just hoping to catch these thirty-second spots for the movie based on the crazy popular Broadway musical.  Nope, we live in a fabulous modern age in which TV spots get watched online.

The film is based upon the stage musical, which is itself an adaptation of the classic novel by Victor Hugo.  The story, of course, is centered around Jean Valjean, a good man who spends decades on the run from institutional justice as personified by Inspector Javert.  It's a story piled high with misery as characters of decency are put through the ringer, yet Les Miserables looks like it'll be the holiday season's classy picture to which families will flock.

Both of these spots tip their hats to the miseries to be found in Les Miserables, but also position it as a movie with inarguable uplift.  The first is more specifically focused on Hugh Jackman's Jean Valjean, while the second makes sure to drop that this is the new movie from The King's Speech director Tom Hooper, implicitly promising that the movie will leave audiences weeping.


The film shares a Christmas release date with Django Unchained, and it would be difficult to conceive of an odder double bill on the holiday.  While Quentin Tarantino's latest looks like a funny, violent, happily over the top trip, Les Miserables is all about the prestige.  It's  built up quite a bit of awards season steam already, as you can see in IAR's Oscar predictions.  Out of the two movies, this is definitely the one you're going to want to take your grandparents to see.

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