'Evil Dead' Remake Red Band Trailer Spews Horror

Friday, 04 January 2013 08:50 Written by  Jordan DeSaulnier
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'Evil Dead' Remake Red Band Trailer Spews Horror

A new red band trailer for April's Evil Dead remake has screamingly barreled online.  If the red band teaser made you nauseous back in October, then you might want to opt out of this one, because it unloads the grueling terror with both barrels.

Producers Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, and Ash himself Bruce Campbell all stated emphatically that this remake to Raimi's no-budget 1981 would play horror straight rather than toy with the increasingly arch comedic turn that the series took through Evil Dead II and particularly Army of Darkness.  They were not pussyfooting around.  If this trailer is any indication, there's nary a laugh in the whole movie.

What is there then?  Lots and lots of upsetting splatters, violence, and sexual assault from vegetation.  How far does it go?  It's capped off by a character very deliberately cutting her tongue down the middle with a box-cutter, all the way to the stump, then spewing huge amount of blood down the throat of another helpless character. 

It's not all projectile blood-puking though.  With Jane Levy at the center, the trailer actually manages to build up a solid sense of doom and foreboding as the five young people in the woods realize just how screwed they really are. 

If you ever stumble into possession of an ancient book that feels like it may be bound in human skin and is covered in scrawled warnings not to muck about with the book, then do no muck about with that book.  Lesson learned.

To prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that this material is meant to provoke a visceral reaction, Sony set up a little YouTube bit of business that allows you to record your disgusted reaction while watching then share that video with your friends, who are presumably grossed out as well.

Levy, who you probably think of as a redhead thanks to her work on Suburgatory and in Fun Size, looks to have the – no pun intended – meatiest role here.  The small cast also consists of Lou Taylor Pucci, Elizabeth Blackmore, Shiloh Fernandez, and Jessica Lucas.

They're all working for Fede Alvarez, a Uruguayan director making his English language debut here.  Alvarez worked on the screenplay with Rodo Sayagues before the duo handed it off to Oscar-winning Juno, Jennifer's Body, and Young Adult writer Diablo Cody.  Alvarez scored the directorial job from Ghost House Pictures based largely on his 2009 short film Panic Attack, so that's included below the Evil Dead teaser poster.

Evil Dead re-arrives in theaters on April 5th.

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