Jason Statham Talks 'The Expendables 3' & Confirms Jackie Chan's Expendability

Wednesday, 16 January 2013 08:47 Written by  Jordan DeSaulnier
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Jason Statham Talks 'The Expendables 3' & Confirms Jackie Chan's Expendability

As a franchise, The Expendables is about the pure, undiluted joy of watching a huge ensemble of established action stars getting together and blowing up many, many things.  With each new sequel, we all get to participate in a speculation and rumor game as to just who will join the gunpowder-laced proceedings. 

The game is afoot, as no less a source than Jason Statham (Safe, the Transporter franchise) has commented on the possibility of Jackie Chan (Rumble in the Bronx, The Karate Kid) joining The Expendables 3 and shared his enthusiasm for the sequel.

This month, reliable action hero Statham stars as novelist Richard Stark's famous criminal in Parker, which also stars Jennifer Lopez (Out of Sight) and Michael Chiklis (FX series The Shield).  IAR Managing Editor Jami Philbrick had the opportunity to talk with Statham in a roundtable interview at the Parker press day, and we'll have the full interview available closer to Parker's release on January 25th, but for now, we wanted to share these info-nuggets on the next The Expendables.

In the 2010 original and last year's sequel, Statham played Lee Christmas, the second lead to Sylvester Stallone's Barney Ross. Their relationship and camaraderie is at the heart of the movies, and according to Statham, we can expect him to keep bringing the thunder as Barney Ross for the foreseeable future.  "Yeah, I’m back regardless. There is no question," the actor stated in no uncertain terms. "We have such a laugh doing those films. And the action is great because you can get away with anything because it is so over the top. What we sometimes lack in story comes back as something else. And people are just lining up to be a part of it, which is great."

Though he ceded directorial duties to Simon West on The Expendables 2, Stallone is very much the driving force behind the series, acting as co-writer and creative steward on the second film.  So our own Philbrick made it a point to ask Statham if the two-time Oscar nominee had been in touch concerning The Expendables 3, to which Statham replied, "He hasn’t said anything to me but I’ve heard rumors and you should never go with rumors because they are often not correct, but I hear that Jackie Chan might be coming to the party and that makes me very happy because I do like Jackie Chan."

Jami followed up asking if Chan would be the "big get" of the cast in Statham's opinion.  "I like Jackie because I’ve been a fan of Jackie’s forever," the actor said. "He’s broken every bone in his body for his dedication and commitment to doing his own stunts so he is the real deal. So he’s my number one choice. I like Clint Eastwood as well."

Before The Expendables 2 even arrived in theaters last summer, producer Avi Lerner revealed that Nicolas Cage is committed to The Expendables 3, while also sharing a wishlist of actors consisting of Eastwood, Wesley Snipes, and Harrison FordStallone himself confirmed Cage and the wishlist in November.  Other actors rumored to up for a round of running and shooting on the third film include John Travolta, Robert Patrick, and Steven Seagal.

"There are so many great ones," said Statham. "There’s a ton. The thing is that the magic wand comes from Sly. He’ll either 'yes' you or 'no' you. So yeah, Expendables 3 here we go. Strap yourselves in."

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