Michael Chiklis Talks About a Potential 'The Shield' Movie

Wednesday, 16 January 2013 10:26 Written by  Jordan DeSaulnier
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Michael Chiklis Talks About a Potential 'The Shield' Movie

Over seven outstanding seasons, Michael Chiklis starred as the complex, corrupt, and endlessly compelling Detective Vic Mackey on the FX series The Shield.  While the show wrapped up in 2008, fans continue to clamor for a cinematic follow-up, and Chiklis himself has revealed that creator Shawn Ryan has a "phenomenal idea" for a feature version of The Shield.

Chiklis also became the first interviewee in IAR's history to share that he wants to strangle our Managing Editor Jami Philbrick.

He wasn't serious, of course.  As a matter of fact, Chiklis and Philbrick share a bond as Massachusetts natives, having been raised a town apart in Andover and Reading, respectively.  Our Managing Editor participated in a roundtable interview with Chiklis to promote Parker, this month's crime-thriller from director Taylor Hackford (Ray, The Devil's Advocate) starring Jason Statham (The Expendables, Safe) as Donald E. Westlake's famous literary criminal.  Chiklis, who currently stars on the CBS series Vegas and is known to comic fans for playing Ben Grimm in Fantastic Four, plays the villain in Parker, and we'll have the full interview posted closer to the film's January 25th release.

For now, though, let's talk about The Shield.  The series, which debuted in 2002, followed Chiklis' Vic Mackey, leader of an LAPD special division called Strike Force.  The Shield was an early example of the ongoing television renaissance, with Mackey representing a morally compromised hero unconcerned with conventional likability.

During the Parker roundtable, Philbrick inquired as to whether Chiklis would reprise the role in a feature film, or if the series ended on the perfect note for the character.

"Hell no, I’d love to do it," Chiklis answered. "Ask Fox, please. This is the single most asked question of me. It’s only since 2008 and I’m going to say over ten thousand times asked. So, forgive me if I want to strangle you right now. I’m teasing obviously but it’s just that Shawn (Ryan) has a phenomenal idea to move forward with it, but part of it is our availability. We’re both very busy. Part of it is Fox and changes over there. We’ll see. It’s possible. But I don’t know."

Ryan has moved on to a variety of television projects, acting as executive producer on The Unit, The Chicago Code, Lie to Me, and even the short-lived but great FX show Terriers.  Most recently, he co-created the ABC series The Last Resort, and he's working on the pilot for the Beverly Hills Cop television show that will star Brandon T. Jackson as the son of Axel Foley.

Stay tuned for the full interview with Michael Chiklis regarding Parker, and we'll keep you posted on any developments concerning The Shield's possible jump to movie screens.

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