Morgan Freeman is Not the President in New 'Olympus Has Fallen' TV Spot & One-Sheet

Tuesday, 26 February 2013 10:42 Written by  Jordan DeSaulnier
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Morgan Freeman is Not the President in New 'Olympus Has Fallen' TV Spot & One-Sheet

Morgan Freeman doesn't play the President of the United States in Olympus Has Fallen, but a new TV spot and theatrical one-sheet create the impression that he does.

Which is funny, because Freeman notably played the President in Deep Impact, the first of two asteroid movies in 1998, and Olympus Has Fallen is the first of two "Die Hard in the White House" movies arriving in the next several months.*

Instead of playing the President, Freeman here portrays the Speaker of the House, reluctantly forced to shoulder a tremendous responsibility when an audacious North Korean terrorist attack results in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue being under siege.  President Benjamin Asher, played by Aaron Eckhart, is taken hostage.  While Speaker Trumbull attempts to protect the nation from outside the White House, saving the day comes down to Gerard Butler as Mike Banning, a Secret Service agent who took a desk job in disgrace, only to find himself the last man standing against a well-armed enemy force.

Butler gets his McClane on inside the presidential residence while the world watches outside.  The latest Olympus Has Fallen TV spot focuses on the outside, with Freeman providing gravitas and a massive terrorist plane raining destruction on Washington D.C.  Said destruction naturally includes the Freudian clip of a famous, highly phallic monument. 

It's too early to really parse for subtext, but based on that image, I conjure that Olympus Has Fallen is really intended to be a reclamation of American masculinity following a symbolic castration.

Olympus Has Fallen is currently sprinting its way through post-production in order to meet a March 22nd, release date.  The film came together remarkably quickly, without the prolonged development that usually accompanies a big action movie like this.  When IAR Managing Editor Jami Philbrick visited the mixing stage, director Antoine Fuqua explained, "I literally prepped this movie in six weeks. I shot this movie in a place called Shreveport, Louisiana and it is not Washington D.C.  I’m really proud of it and what we pulled off but I’m still working on it. We are literally approving two hundred shots a day and the movie has to be in theaters on March 22nd. So I’ve never made a movie in this short of time but it does put a certain pressure on you.”

Anyways, here's the latest poster:

*The other, scheduled for June, is White House Down, Roland Emmerich's actioner starring Channing Tatum as an aspiring Secret Service agent, Jamie Foxx as the President, and Jason Clarke as the villain.

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