New 'Godzilla' Remake Set Image: Gojira's Path of Destruction

Thursday, 25 April 2013 16:32 Written by  Jordan DeSaulnier
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New 'Godzilla' Remake Set Image: Gojira's Path of Destruction

How can you tell Godzilla has been to town?  Because most of the town will be a smoldering heap of rubble.

A new official image from the set of the new Godzilla remake has stomped online, and though the enormous lizard is nowhere to be seen, the signs of him are everywhere, in smoke, an overturned car, and general devastation.

Production on this second attempt to create an Americanized Godzilla has been underway in and around Vancouver for just over a month, with Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures aiming to breathe some fire in theaters on May 16, 2014.  Coincidentally, that's almost fourteen years to the day since Sony Pictures tired to launch a franchise masterminded by Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin.

This new take has no relationship to that ill-fated attempt, though.  This time, it's Gareth Edwards overseeing a new take on Ishirô Honda's 1954 classic metaphor for the ravages of the atomic bomb.  Edwards proved that he could create memorably monstrous scares on a budget with 2010's Monsters (streaming on Netflix Instant), and it'll be interesting to see what he can do with a bigger budget and a truly iconic beast.

He's certainly assembled quite a cast, one that consists of Aaron Taylor Johnson (Kick-Ass), Elizabeth Olsen (Martha Marcy May Marlene), Bryan Cranston (AMC's Breaking Bad), Juliette Binoche (Chocolat), David Strathairn (Good Night, and Good Luck), Ken Watanabe (Inception), Richard T. Jones (Super 8), and Sally Hawkins (Never Let Me Go).

Anyways, here's the picture from Legendary's facebook:

Frank Darabont, the Shawshank Redemption screenwriter who is credited with this script alongside Max Borenstein and Dave Callaham, said earlier this year, "What I found very interesting about Godzilla is that he started off definitely as a metaphor for Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And some of the atom bomb testing we were doing in the South Pacific in the subsequent years. The giant terrifying force of nature that comes and stomps the shit out of your city, that was Godzilla. Filtered through the very fanciful imaginations of the Japanese perception. And then he became Clifford the Big Red Dog in the subsequent films. He became the mascot of Japan, he became the protector of Japan. Another big ugly monster would show up and he would fight that monster to protect Japan. Which I never really quite understood, the shift.

"What we're trying to do with the new movie is not have it camp, not have it be campy," he explained. "We're kind of taking a cool new look at it. But with a lot of tradition in the first film. We want this to be a terrifying force of nature. And what was really cool, for me, is there was a very compelling human drama that I got to weave into it. It's not that cliched, thinly disguised romance or bromance, or whatever. It's different, it's a different set of circumstances than you're used to seeing. And that's tremendously exciting as a writer when you're asked to do something else."

Though he's not credited, Man of Steel and Batman Begins writer David S. Goyer also did some polishing on the screenplay.  He recently discussed his contribution to Godzilla in an exclusive interview with IAR Managing Editor Jami Philbrick.  You can check that one out by clicking right here.

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